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The ability to confirm an employees certifications, state licenses, training credentials and other records of job-related or professional qualifications is essential for any organization operating in regulated industries ? such as healthcare, finance, or government ? as well as having a license for non-regulated industries. This is particularly important for positions such as a Certified Wound Care Nurse, which require a large amount of training and additional certifications to maintain a license to practice. With the rise of regulatory compliance, organizations are increasingly turning to automated license verification systems as an efficient, cost-effective way to track and maintain records of credentials.

Automated license verification systems greatly reduce the workload of Human Resources (HR) and operations personnel by automating the process of collecting, verifying, and maintaining employee credentials. Licensed professionals, such as healthcare providers and non-clinical staff, must demonstrate on an ongoing basis that they possess the necessary licensure or other qualifications in order to remain employed at the organization. By automating the credential verification process, organizations can reduce the burden on their HR departments while simultaneously reducing costs associated with manual record-keeping.

In the healthcare industry, automated license verification systems have become useful for delegated tasks such as verifying a patient?s medical record, verifying credentials of healthcare providers when billing third-party payers, and verifying the expiration of medical licenses, certifications, and training credentials. For organizations with Certified Wound Care Nurses on staff, an automated system not only provides accurate records of their credentials and training, but also prevents the risk of employing workers with expired or expired training due to lack of documentation or timely update of records.

Automated license verification systems also provide improved and comprehensive tracking for healthcare staff, allowing the organization to monitor the qualifications and background of their medical staff. Automated systems protect against inadvertent errors and omissions in record-keeping and can alert the organization to any changes in a staff member?s qualifications. By having accurate and up-to-date records, organizations can quickly assess and respond to any changes, ensuring that all staff are qualified and have the most up-to-date training.

Finally, automated license verification systems can be used to instantly confirm the credentials of new or existing staff, or those who have applied for a job or promotion, saving time and streamlining the entire process. This feature reduces onboarding and recruitment costs, and gives organizations greater control and visibility over their hiring processes.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and offers an automated system for tracking staff credentials and verifying qualifications. Certemys credential tracking platform provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, pre-built workflows, automated license application processes, and much more. All of these features ensure an organizations compliance with federal and state laws while improving the efficiency and accuracy of their HR processes. Organizations can enjoy greater control over their workforce compliance program, greater visibility into their staff qualifications, and greater control over their workforce utilization. With Certemys automated license verification system, organizations can protect against the risk of regulatory non-compliance while ensuring the safety of their patients.


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