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Diabetic Clinical Nurse Specialists (DCNS) are an essential part of the healthcare system. A DCNS is a nurse with specific education, experience, and knowledge related to the care of people with diabetes. With the rise of specialty care and various healthcare-related topics, the demand for DCNSs is increasing. As a result, human resource departments must ensure that they are compliant with particular regulations when hiring and validating license credentials for DCNSs.

Primary source verification (PSV) is an automated system that helps HR departments ensure the validity and accuracy of a DCNS’s licensure status. It links the licensee’s credentials to primary source government and professional boards, so HR representatives have full visibility when verifying licenses. This process helps eliminate guesswork and manual verification of documents that waste time and resources. Not only is manual verification time-consuming and tedious, but also it can open up organizations to potential legal and financial liabilities, making proper licensing verification incredibly crucial for an organization.

Licensing verification not only keeps an organization compliant with state and federal laws, it also helps save time and money. The automated process is far less time-consuming than manually verifying documents and eliminates the potential for liabilities. It also increases data visibility and accuracy, which is important for verifying that new hires meet specific requirements. With automated licensing verification, employers have the ability to review credentials and status in real-time to ensure compliance and avoid potential licensing and financial issues.

Certemy is an industry-leading software provider that offers a comprehensive primary source verification system for DCNSs. This integrated platform provides users with access to data from U.S. state boards, national agencies, international instructions, and other sources of authoritative data. The primary source verification is a secure, cloud-based solution that is available on desktops as well as via mobile devices.

Certemys automated primary source verification helps simplify compliance for DCNSs, so human resource operations teams can quickly verify nurses’ credentials. This platform helps to make sure that new nurses are properly qualified and provides an automated process that is more accurate than manual documentation and verification processes. It provides organizations with access to up-to-date and reliable information on current licenses and certifications while reducing the risk and liability of incorrect license verifications.

Certemy also offers tracking and monitoring capabilities to ensure license and certification information is kept up-to-date. This real-time tracking gives employers complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Using pre-built and fully configurable workflows, organizations can automate and streamline the entire license application process. This drastically reduces the amount of time needed to verify licenses conducting manual document reviews.

By streamlining compliance and reducing risk and liability, Certemys automated primary source verification system simplifies license verification for DCNSs and increases overall organization efficiency. Minimizing manual processes and increasing visibility into license information helps ensure compliance and allows organizations to better utilize their staff.


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