License Verification Tool | DCNS – Diabetic Clinical Nurse Specialist

The healthcare system provides nursings services from various professionals, and an essential role, particularly with regard to diabetes care, is filled by diabetic clinical nurse specialists (DCNS). DCNSs play a critical role in providing advanced and continuous care in diabetes management. However, verifying the licensing of a DCNS is challenging and not everyone has the necessary resources to do so.

That?s why automated license verification tools provided by Certemy, are quickly becoming the industry standard for companies to quickly and accurately verify the licensing of DCNSs. With Certemys primary source verification system, companies can validate the occupational licenses and certifications of their employees quickly and easily, so they can ensure compliance and protect their bottom line.

Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification (PSV) is a powerful way to validate the current status for occupational licenses and certifications. This is how Certemys automated system works: It isearches through the appropriate papers to confirm the occupational license or certification and determines if it is active, appropriately renewed, or free of any discipline or sanction. Primary source verification can allow healthcare companies to verify the licensing of DCNSs with an incredibly high degree of accuracy.

Automated License Tracking and Management

With Certemys automated license tracking and management system, companies can ensure that their employee licenses and credentials are easily tracked and kept up-to-date. Companies can monitor licenses, certifications, training, and other credentials, so they can be confident that their employees are meeting the requirements for their professions.

Improved Productivity and Visibility

Certemys automated license tracking and management system can help to improve productivity and visibility in a variety of ways. Users can easily keep track of their licensure requirements, quickly check the status of credentials, and view the history of any of the licenses or certifications. By automating all of these processes, companies are saving time, gaining a greater visibility of their employees, and improving team utilization.

Pre-built Workflows for Automated Processes

Certemy automatically pre-builds workflows that are customized to a companies unique needs. These workflows are designed to streamline license applications, keeping companies in compliance with the applicable regulations. Companies can customize their own workflows, so they can keep the steps and deadlines set to their own appropriate timeline.

Concluding perspectives

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, license verification tools such as those provided by Certemy provide a powerful way for healthcare companies to verify the licenses of their DCNSs. With primary source verification, automated license tracking and management, improved productivity and visibility, and pre-built workflows, Certemy offers an effective way for companies to verify the occupational licenses and certifications of their employees quickly and easily.

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