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Are you still collecting application and renewal fees manually? Paying by check or money order is a nuisance for professionals — and handling them is an unpleasant chore for your staff.

In recent times, even if you can find the time to deposit checks and money orders at the bank, it’s a time-consuming and risky exercise.

Collect fees online — with direct deposit into your bank account — as an integrated part of your application or renewal process

Certemy’s certification management software includes integrated payment processing. These features allow professionals to submit fees online using popular payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Optionally, you can also let them submit proof of payment if an employer or other third-party has paid the fee for them.

Leverage advanced payment options

Certemy provides many advanced features to help you fully automate your fee collection process. These include the ability to:

  • Set past due dates, grace periods, and late penalties
  • Include multiple line items
  • Define fee multiples and optional line items
  • Define discounts

Eliminate missing payments

Nothing is worse that starting to review an application or renewal only to realize the payment is missing. You now have to waste time chasing down the professional to collect the missing fees.

With Certemy, you can configure your submission requirements to ensure that professionals cannot submit before they have paid the appropriate fee. So you can process every new submission knowing that the fee has already been collected.

Save time for you and your professionals

Integrated payment processing is faster and easier for your professionals. And — by removing the need to deposit checks and money orders — eliminates one more chore that prevents your staff from focusing on higher value tasks like analyzing data and boosting renewal rates.

Can we help?

We’d love to help you collect application and renewal fees online! Book a personalized demo and we’ll recreate your current application and renewal requirements so you can see exactly how Certemy would work for your board.

Certemy helped us intake an entire field of counselors in a very short period and allowed us to achieve a goal that would have otherwise been unachievable. The software has already paid for itself, and we plan to move the rest of our certifications to Certemy very soon. 

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