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Maintaining the correct licensing for a team of landscape architects is a time-consuming process for most human resource (HR) and operational departments. With Certemy, organizations have an automated primary source verification system that quickly validates occupational licenses and certifications across all employees, confirming whether they are actively renewed and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. HR and operational teams have access to complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program with the help of Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification capabilities.

From the pre-built, configurable workflows which help to automate license application processes, to the real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, Certemy provides a powerful tool to improve team productivity and visibility. Trusted by some of the largest US employers, Certemy helps to ensure adherence to legal compliance standards while also saving time, mitigating risk, and improving staff utilization.

Primary Source Verification for Landscape Architects

Organizations employing landscape architects are required to check whether the staff at hand hold valid state and federal licenses as mandated by the respective states. Landscape architects are licensed as an occupational licensed profession, and the State Board of Landscape Architects in the US requires valid licensure.

Primary source verification verifies credentials and licenses from their original hosts or issuing bodies to ensure their accuracy. Certemys automated primary source verification process for landscape architects is compliant to our US National Association of State Boards of Occupation (SBA-CPA-VERIFIED) standards. These security protocols confirm that the license being verified is accurate and up-to-date, thus creating a secure platform for regulatory compliance for any landscape architecture firm.

Automated License Tracking with Certemy

Certemys platform provides the ability to enable organizations to quickly set up their license tracking system for their landscape architects. With the help of pre-built workflows, they can easily be tailored as required to facilitate the license application process. In addition to license tracking, organizations can benefit from automated license reminders which notify the staff to renew their licenses or certifications as they are due. This removes the need for uncomfortable manual reminders and processes.

Enhanced Visibility and Team Productivity

Certemy also equips organizations with real-time credentials or license tracking, with the help of a single system of record. Having a single view of all license information and documents simplifies the process and enhances visibility for teams and the organization as a whole. By providing quick access to the information they need, it drastically reduces the time needed to manage the process, allowing the team to work efficiently and effectively.

With Certemy, organizations can also benefit from a centralized location to store and share unlimited documents and gain more visibility with the regulatory body. This eliminates the need to manually track unlimited documents and ensures the team is always in sync with legal and regulatory standards.

The main takeaway

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, providing a comprehensive automated solution which offers vast capabilities to organizations looking to quickly validate occupational licenses and certifications for their landscape architect staff. Certemys platform can streamline processes, reduce risk, and enhance team productivity to save organizations time, money, and resources.


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