Telehealth Compliance

Organizations in the telemedicine sector can take a major step towards compliance, quality, and risk management through the adoption of professional certification management software. Equipping employers with the knowledge and tools to overcome the challenges of keeping track of a prominent, yet ever-changing certification spread is critical for success in every highly regulated industry.

The complexity of licensed professional management requires personnel to remain abreast of the multiple renewal cycles and associated compliance protocols that evolve yearly. This is an issue particularly relevant to managers in the telemedicine industry, as personnel must adhere to dispensing authorization i.e. renew and update Federal Drug Administration (FDA) credentials and state-level licenses. In addition, it is incumbent upon employers to further ensure staff has the resources to obtain the certifications necessary to perform their roles.

Modernizing the process of tracking professional certifications can be carried out effectively with the utilization of a professional certification management software platform. Such digital solutions allow companies to effectively store and track multiple certification renewals on a single dashboard, as well as identify personnel with expired credentials. Furthermore, this type of software can give employers the capacity to streamline their operations and generate compliance reports, provided access to an integrated library of certification and user documents, and provide employees a portal to self-service updates and information — all in real-time.

The implementation of the software leads to convenience, scalability, and compliance enhancement. By allowing a single onboarding interface, the platform can integrate with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to create a comprehensive employment system — reducing manual mundane tasks for employers for timely updates and access to documents. The security of the platform is of utmost importance, as it should ensure employee information is safeguarded and meets all relevant privacy policies, such as GDPR.

Overall, digitalizing the certification workflow with professional certification management software helps employers and the human resources team proactively manage the process — reducing the administrative overhead of cross-reference and keeping track of certification dates. Fostering a heightened sense of safety and reliability in the execution of telemedicine services across the country, employers of the industry can rest assured in the secure storage and management of their professional certifications.