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With Todays technology advancements, validation of professional licenses and certifications is growing more critical than ever. Every organization must ensure its employees meet licensing and certification requirements, which can be complicated tasks for human resources teams.

Fortunately, primary source license Verification exists to better manage operations and complete validation quickly and accurately. This verification method verifies licenses with the issuing agencies direct and substantially reduces the number of hours, and problems associated with manual verification of employee credentials. Doing so keeps organizations and their employees in legal Compliance with current regulations.

In this article, we?ll explain why organizations require license verification and how it maintains compliance, as well as how Certemys license verification system facilitates this process.

The Need for License Verification

Organizations that require validation of licenses and certifications as part of their operations need an effective method for tracking, managing, and monitoring personnel. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), for example, have strict licensing requirements for the practice of nursing. Likewise, in the financial sector, the Office of the Controller of the Currency and other state and federal regulatory agencies enforce policies that require professionals to have valid certifications.

Manual processing of license verification is a time-consuming enterprise, as it requires a significant number of steps and resources. Additionally, manual processing leaves room for inaccuracy, as information is not always updated.

Additionally, verifying and maintaining accurate data on employee credentials is an important part of a compliance program. With manual processes, the risk of errors, missed records, and outdated information can be great. This risk increases when an organization fails to stay up-to-date on compliance regulations.

In addition to this, unexpected disruption can occur due to an unexpected increase in requests for verification or past due deadlines. As such, organizations need a reliable way of automatically handling credentials verification in order to prevent issues from occurring.

Primary source verification of licenses through an automated system eliminates the potential for errors and mitigates the risk of non-compliance. By using this method, organizations can easily track and validate employee credentials in real time, with the assurance of accuracy.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) of licenses is a process that validates professional licenses and certifications by verifying them with the issuing agencies. This method ensures accuracy by allowing organizations to confirm that employees? credentials are up-to-date and free of disciplinary actions.

The primary source license verification system uses APIs to connect to the issuing agency’s database, facilitating real-time verification. It verifies licensure details, such as date of program completion, expiration and renewal dates, and any disciplinary actions or sanctions against the license.

Benefits of Automated License Verification with Certemy

Certemy is a trusted platform for license validation that provides organizations with the most comprehensive data verification and tracking solutions on the market. By leveraging Certemys automated primary source verification system, organizations can improve staff utilization and stay ahead of compliance regulations in real-time.

Certemy allows managers to see an overview of their employees’ licenses and certifications for complete compliance visibility. Pre-built workflows are available to improve team productivity and automate the process of receiving, tracking, and monitoring all relevant license information. Automated alerts are also included for recurring and expiring license renewals, helping to mitigate the risk of errors.

Companies can also take advantage of the extra features Certemy offers, such as automated form completion, role-based access roles, and full integration with existing employee databases. This allows organizations to easily and quickly validate employee credentials and makes it easier to maintain all necessary data on employee credentials in one convenient system of record.

Closing ideas

License verification is an important part of an organizations overall workforce compliance program. Primary license verification enables organizations to quickly and accurately confirm that their staff members are up-to-date and free of disciplinary actions.

Certemys platform provides these benefits to organizations and is the trusted source for license verification. It helps facilitate the process of credential verification with its automated system and offers the added benefit of a tracking system that can review data in real-time.


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