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For organizations and businesses that employ skilled professionals, ensuring full compliance and accurate license verification is a must. By leveraging an automated primary source verification system, organizations can be certain that their workforce is up to date and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, offering a comprehensive human resource operations system to mitigate risk and improve staff utilization. Their primary source verification system provides complete visibility into employee licensing statuses, allowing for real-time tracking of credentials in one system of record. Additionally, Certemy Workflows are fully configurable and designed to automate the application process for any license, helping organizations reduce the time and cost spent on verifying credentials.

To better understand how a primary source verification tool can help an organization meet compliance, let?s look at the process in more detail.

Confirming the Status of Licenses and Certifications

Organizations need to ascertain if all individuals on their roster are licensed, certified, and current with their respective government authority. Certemys primary source verification is a fully automated process, which eliminates any need for manual inquiries. The system is designed to provide full visibility and control of the employer?s compliance program; with accurate and up-to-date sources distinguishing valid from invalid credentials.

Automation and Cost-Efficiency

Through automated license tracking, organizations can stay ahead of any regulatory mandates. With Certemy, license tracking is a simple and efficient process: a single click to verify credentials in the web, or directly within an internal system. Applications are processed in real-time and without the need for manual entry. Such a system can increase the accuracy of license verification and reduce wasted time on submitting applications and other paperwork. By implementing such automation, corporations can streamline license verifications and improve staff utilization in compliance processes.

Building a Database of Verifiable Credentials

Certemy Workflows leverage pre-built workflows to manage the data processing life cycles of licenses and certifications. With predefined procedures for recording employee credentials, any compliance data analyst can quickly view employee credentialing statuses. The Workflow Builder allows administrators to create and utilize additional configurations, providing the ability to address historical issues and inefficiencies that had been a problem in the past.

Continued Ease of Compliance

In addition to automated license tracking, Certemy also offers automated notifications to alert administrators of potential license issues or lapses. This ensures that compliance teams can swiftly take action to correct any discrepancies with license credentials. Notifications can be set for any certificate or license expiration and for anything else that may need action from the compliance lead.

Benefits of Licensing Compliance

Certemys automated primary source verification services offer business executives tremendous benefits in the form of streamlining processes, increased efficiency, improved staff utilization, and reduced risk. Organizations can be assured that their workforce is compliant with the latest mandates and regulations, allowing them to focus their attention on other important priorities.


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