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Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENPs) are advanced healthcare providers who specialize in the delivery of medical care to patients in times of emergency. ENPs are an invaluable resource for hospitals, as they provide expertise and comprehensive care to patients in need of emergency services. From diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions, to coordinating admission and discharge plans, ENPs play a critical role in the healthcare continuum.

Given the critical nature of emergency care, it is imperative that ENPs are properly qualified, certified, and hold valid licenses and credentials when providing care. To help ensure compliance, many healthcare organizations are turning to automated license and certification verification to mitigate risk and guarantee that their personnel are in good standing.

Certemy is a leading solution for verifying professional licenses and certifications. This comprehensive platform provides an automated primary source verification system to guarantee that ENPs are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It provides complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program through real-time tracking of employee licenses.

Using Certemys automated workflows, healthcare organizations can streamline the process of tracking and managing licenses. The platform allows users to quickly review, approve, or deny license applications and provides notifications when licenses are about to expire. This helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance and data accuracy demands.

Certemys also offers an API that easily integrates with most existing human resource management systems and applications, such as ADP, Sage, Ascentis, Cornerstone, and more. This helps reduce manual data entry while improving efficiency and accuracy of data tracking. Additionally, this API is used to confirm applicants credentials prior to onboarding, which helps minimize the risk of hiring individuals who are ineligible for practice.

By leveraging Certemys primary source verification system, healthcare organizations can easily track and manage professional licenses and certifications. This helps to ensure compliance, protect patient safety, and improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.


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