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Regulatory compliance is a major challenge for companies who employ people with professional credentials and licenses, and proper license verification and tracking can be a tedious and time-consuming process. That?s why an automated system for verifying and tracking licenses and credentials is invaluable for human resources departments looking to stay compliant in Todays regulatory landscape.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and automated tracking of employee credentials and licenses, ensuring that all employees have the proper qualifications for their roles. The system is designed to accurately validate licensure and certification requirements, so employers can be sure that employees are appropriately qualified and up-to-date on their licenses and credentials.

Certemy also helps ensure that employers have clarity and control over their workforce compliance program. By automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications, Certemy keeps employers one step ahead of regulatory compliance through an automated system. Certemy is already trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States and is designed to save them time, mitigate risks, and boost team productivity.

This license verification system provides employers with a real-time tracking and record system of employee licenses and credentials. It also allows employers to leverage pre-built workflows that can be fully customized to automate license application processes. With all the information in one system, HR teams can have full visibility and oversight of the entire organization.

Certemy ensures that HR departments have the right tools to keep their organizations compliant with regulatory requirements. From the onboarding process to license renewal, Certemy can expedite and streamline the entire procedure, providing a unified system for HR teams for tracking and verifying employee qualifications.

Overall, Certemyserves as a valuable tool for HR teams who need to make sure that their workforces stay compliant with licensing and certification standards. Through its automated system, the system simplifies and expedIt is the laborious process of tracking and verifying employee licenses and certifications. And with one system of record, HR teams are able to gain full oversight of their entire organization and have peace of mind that everyone is properly qualified.


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