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Many HR operations are faced with the task of ensuring the credentials of their employees in order to maintain a compliance-conscious and productive workforce. Increasingly, Nurse Managers and other employers are turning to automated primary source verification services to more accurately and efficiently track and manage licenses and certifications, maintain regulatory compliance, and save time.

License verification is necessary for both new hires and established employees, as regulatory trends and license standards can change over time. An automated primary-source system allows for up-to-date tracking of employee licenses and credentials, as mandates and changes in the industry can quickly come into effect, and employers must be able to stay abreast.

Those looking to strengthen their compliance program can turn to Certemy, a leading provider of occupational license verification services, with an automated primary-source verification system that validates licenses and certifications, confirms that they are active and appropriately renewed, and ensures they are free of sanctions or disciplinary actions. This approach allows for complete visibility and control of an employer’s workforce compliance, which is of utmost importance?compliance failures can result in costly risks as well as an array of legal and financial penalties.

Certemys system offers a range of benefits to nurses and other employers, providing them with automated license tracking and primary-source verification that can help stay ahead of regulatory compliance. It also serves to increase team productivity and visibility across an entire organization, streamlining license application processes through the use of pre-built workflows that are completely configurable.

The system is certified by the US Council for Professional Licensee Verification, and has been used by some of the largest employers in the country, allowing them to save time and money while reducing the risks associated with compliance failures. With the Certemy platform, Nurse Managers can easily access and review a detailed compliance history of their staff, ensuring standards and regulations are followed, and also gain an understanding of their staff’s professional situation at a glance.

Moreover, the system also provides a storehouse of documents and filings that can be used to conduct a thorough audit if needed. Additionally, employers receive automated alerts in the system whenever licensing and credential information require special attention, including notifications related to expired licenses or disciplinary records.

By utilizing an automated primary source service such as Certemy, Nurse Managers, and other employers, can quickly and effectively ensure workforce compliance, reduce any potential legal or financial risks, and maximize overall staff utilization.


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