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As employers strive towards a goal of workplace compliance, automated license verification is a powerful tool to maximize the performance of employees. By using this type of technology, organizations can quickly and accurately verify occupational licenses and credentials in one easy-to-use system, thereby avoiding the time consuming and costly administrative tasks of manual license tracking.

In this article, we will discuss the value of automated license verification tools in the workplace and the user benefits they offer. We’ll also provide a breakdown of the various license and certification types and discuss the advantages of using such a service for the Human Resources operations of your organization.

What is an Automated License Verification Tool?

Automated License Verification (ALV) systems are web-based systems that provide organizations with a comprehensive and accurate view of any employees or contractor’s license and certification status. This type of system allows employers to quickly and easily track, monitor, and validate employee credentials quickly and efficiently. ALV systems are powered by technology such as primary source verifications and sophisticated algorithms that can quickly extract and analyze crucial details associated with licenses and certifications.

Types of Licenses/Certifications

There are a wide variety of license and certification types available to varying industries and organizations. Some of the most common occupational license and certification types include:

Professional Licenses (Medical, Law, etc.)

Educational Credentials (Doctorate Degrees, Master’s Degrees, etc.)

Industry-Specific Certifications (Pharmacy Technician, HVAC, etc.)

Specialty or Advanced Certifications (Musical Instrument Instruction, etc.)

Government and Administrative Certifications (DHS, OSH, etc.)

Benefits of Automated License Verification Tools

The key benefit of an automated license verification system is that it provides the employer with a quick, accurate, and cost-effective way to track and monitor employee credentials. This gives organizations complete visibility over their entire workforce compliance program. It also allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by automatically tracking and verifying licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

ALV systems provide real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and enable teams to maximize staff utilization. They also allow organizations to automate license application processes with customizable workflows and provide teams with improved visibility of the entire organizational talent pool.

To conclude

Automated License Verification (ALV) tools are essential for organizations of all sizes that strive for workplace compliance and need an easy-to-use system to quickly and accurately track employee credentials. ALV systems enable employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, automate license application processes, and improve staff utilization, saving time, money, and mitigating risk.


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