License Verification Tool | CRNA -?Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

As a business owner or leader, staying compliant with employee licensing and certification regulations has become an increasingly important process for Human Resource teams. Organizations have an obligation to make sure that their employees? certifications and license credentials are active, appropriately renewed, and there are no disciplinary actions, sanctions, or violations. To help stay compliant, businesses have begun turning towards license verification software, such as Certemy, to provide complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs through automation.

Certemy is a leader in license verification that offers an automated primary source verification system to help monitor and manage employee licenses and certifications. Their system automatically tracks and verifies licenses and certifications with primary source verification, making it easier for organizations to stay ahead of any regulatory compliance. The system allows businesses to have real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, while improving team productivity and visibility across the entire organization with pre-built, configurable workflows to automate the license application process.

The ease of use of the Certemy license verification system makes it an invaluable tool for Human Resource teams. It eliminates the need to rely on manual methods in order to manage employee license and certification data. This allows HR operations to spend their time focusing on tasks and processes that assist in growing the business instead of the tedious tasks associated with license management. The elimination of manual processes also cuts down on errors and reduces the time it takes for the license verification process.

One of the most frustrating aspects for HR teams regarding the license verification process is the time it takes to understand state regulations and requirements. With the Certemysystem, that frustration is completely removed as the system is designed to eliminate the need to become an expert in OT license regulations. Certemy is programmed to quickly provide organizations with the requirements their employees need to maintain their licenses, cutting down on multiple manual verification processes.

It is also important for HR teams to mitigate risk when it comes to employee licensing compliance. Organizations that don?t stay up to date with their license compliance can be held liable for any non-compliant activity. Certemy can help monitor licenses and quickly alert HR teams if any action is required to maintain compliance. This risk mitigation is especially important for organizations in the healthcare industry as it can help ensure that employees such as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRs) maintain their active certifications.

Finally, Certemy also provides monitoring and managing multi-state license compliance. As an organization grows and adds staff in multiple states, managing employee licenses from each state can be overwhelming for an HR team. Certemysimplifies the process with multi-state license compliance monitoring and management features that give organizations a bird’s eye view of requirements, states, expiration dates, and more.

Overall, Certemy provides Human Resource teams with an automated license verification system to quickly stay compliant, reduce manual processes, and mitigate risk. It is an invaluable tool that can eliminate any frustrations and time spent becoming an expert in OT license regulations, and provide businesses the peace of mind that their licenses and certifications are accurate and validated.


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