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To deliver on their promise of providing quality care, nurse managers must hire and retain qualified individuals. This involves constantly monitoring the license and certifications of nurses. Thankfully, advances in technology enables nurse managers to quickly and reliably manage license compliance. Certemy is one such effective tool for verifying employee licenses and certifications.

Licensing requirements vary from state-to-state, and ensure that all practicing nurses are properly qualified and possess the necessary credentials. In an increasingly competitive job market, it can be difficult to track and manage each nurse?s various certifications. With Certemy, nurse managers can have complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program.

Certemys intuitive and user-friendly system offers primary source verification for every license and certification. It monitors and tracks license renewal due dates, ensuring that the nurses comply with state regulation. With automated license tracking, compliance and primary source verification, nurse managers can stay ahead and prove that their workforce is appropriately credentialed.

Certemy provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials within one system of record. It offers custom workflows that nurse managers can configure to automate license application processes. This saves time and simplifies the license verification process. The nurses can securely grant access to their records upon request and the information remains private and confidential.

Nurse managers no longer have to fear licensing and certification regulations. Certemy ensures that the credentialing process is smooth and error-free. It eliminates the potential risks of non-compliance and the hefty fines that accompany it. With increased efficiency, hospitals can benefit from reduced staff utilization and turnover costs.

Certemy is a reliable source that has the full backing of major employers in the United States. Its intelligent system is at the forefront of license verification and citizenship status compliance. It is an affordable and convenient solution that nurse managers can trust to keep their staff credentialed and compliant.


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