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As regulations concerning occupational licensing and qualifications continue to become more complex and stringent, it is critical that companies and organizations find a suitable solution to track and manage the required credentials of their workforce. As a compliance lead, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of ensuring that your team members comply with these regulations. Certemy offers a comprehensive License Verification System (LVS) which can help you to quickly and easily validate professional licenses and certifications while providing complete visibility and control over your workforce compliance program.

Certemy is a leading license verification system that automates the primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications across your teams to ensure they are active, have renewed as required, and are free of any disciplinary action or sanctions. The automated processes within the system will help to stay ahead of any regulatory compliance requirements, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials all in one centralized system of record. This improves your teams productivity as they will have quick and easy access to the required documents.

The pre-built workflows within the system are also fully configurable for you to tailor the license application processes to fit your organizations needs. With Certemy, you can manage license and credential applications, renewals, and confirmations for multiple employees across different locations. You can also run queries to help you to monitor and audit your workforce licensure program. The applicable documents will be stored in one library for easy reference and retrieval.

In addition to streamlining your processes for managing employee credentials, Certemy will also reduce cost related to manual labor. The system is designed for scalability so it can accommodate a wide-range of requirements. With Certemy, you can be confident that your entire team is compliant with professional licensure regulations.

The system also improves reporting, and simplifies licensing requirements for recruiters, medical staff, and other staffing professionals to save them valuable time. And because the primary source verification is automated, individuals and organizations can be assured that the credentials have been thoroughly vetted. Compliance leads can also be reassured by the monitoring capabilities of the system to stay abreast of any license and certification changes or modifications.

Certemy is evidence-based and powered by artificial intelligence, to ensure accuracy and reliability. It is now used by some of the largest US employers as their license verification and staffing system. The system is secure and compliant to protect confidential data, which is essential in many highly regulated industries.

Fest to make sure you have a comprehensive solution to manage employee licensing and certification requirements, Certemy provides an automated system tailored to meet the needs of your organization. A trustworthy system that you can rely on to ensure your team is compliant with professional licensure regulations.


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