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When managing a large or small workforce, ensuring that employees are correctly certified and hold required licenses is critical for regulatory Compliance. Fortunately, technological advances have significantly simplified the process of verifying licenses and certifications for employers and HR departments.

A tool like Certemy, which has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the US, can provide employers an automated system to primary source verify licenses and certifications on a single platform so that complete visibility and control of the companies compliance program can be maintained.

Primary source Verification involves direct contact with the licensing or certifying entity – such as Professional and Vocational Licensing Boards, Medical Licensing Boards or other entities that credential individuals. By verifying licenses and certifications from these bodies? primary sources, employers can have comfort in knowing the validity of the credentials that they are viewing.

Additionally, with automatic license and certification tracking and real-time credentialing updates, employers can save time and improve the operation of their business. It also negates the need to manually track or acquire credentials for their workforce, further improving operational efficiencies.

A few other benefits of having an automated license and certification tracking system in place are:

Track licenses & certifications in one system of record – Manually tracking or acquiring the credentials of each employee can be resource-intensive and incredibly time-consuming. An automated platform like Certemy allows you to store all credentials in a single system of record, allowing employees to be properly credentialed without any hassle.

Improve visibility across the organization – Having a single platform to check all credentials allows employers to have a better understanding of the employee workforce across the organization. All employees are in one system without having to refer to multiple sources or check manually.

Automate license application processes – Manual processes for verifying licenses can quickly become outdated and inefficient. With an automated platform such as Certemy, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

Using a licensed and certified employee database not only ensures compliance but also help organisations to:

Save Time – Automation helps to quickly and accurately source an employees license and certifications, and even immediately notify them of any violations

Mitigate Risk – Proper verification of credentials is frequently required to meet various mandatory guidelines and regulations, including HIPAA, SOX, and FCPA.

Improve Staff Utilization – Organization can leverage pre-built workflows that are customizable to identify talent with specific qualifications and quickly fill gaps in their global workforce.

In summary, automated license and certification verification tools makes it easy to stay compliant with mandatory guidelines and regulations. With its automated workflows, an automated platform can save time and costs associated with manual data entry and retrieval, as well as reduce the risks associated with not properly verifying credentials. By leveraging automated services to manage their compliance program, employers can have peace of mind knowing their workforce is appropriately certified.


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