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Every employer needs to ensure that their employees are licensed and in good standing in the profession they?re hired for. Companies that seek to stay ahead of regulations related to credentialing and employment security must be proactive in verifying the qualifications, certifications, and even the licensing status of their hires. Fortunately, companies now have access to automated, trusted license verification platforms to ensure their employees are properly credentialed.

Primary Source Verification ? Trust & Transparency

With the rise of fake degree mills, there is a need for employers to increase the level of diligence in verifying the qualifications of prospective employees. License and certification verification software, such as Certemys License Verification, uses primary source verification to confirm the accuracy of an employees credentials in real-time. Through these kinds of primary source verification practices, employers can trust that all certifications and licenses are accurate and valid when hiring their employees.

Primary source verification is the process of directly verifying information with the original source of the information. A credible license verification platform like Certemy can employ various methods to obtain the original source information. This can include direct contact with the credential issuing entity, a third-party source, or a comprehensive search of governmental databases.

The platform must also be able to quickly and accurately reassess a credential for verifying the status of current license and certification holders as licenses and certifications expire and must be renewed. Certemys License Verification uses trusted primary source methods to affirm status validity. This provides employers with increased transparency and trust that their employees are continuously certified and licensed in good standing.

Flexibility and Ease of Access ? Automates Licensing Tracking.

Verifying credentials should be an easy, flexible, and cost-efficient process for organizations. The ability to access data 24/7 is a key factor in choosing the right license verification platform.

When organizations use an automation platform for license verification like Certemy, they are given full visibility and control over their compliance program. Through automation, employers can access real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. By leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, they can easily automate license application processes and free up resources. Automation saves companies time, money, and makes it easier to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, because the platform is online, licenses and certifications can be verified anywhere there is an Internet or mobile connection. This makes it easy to access data through multiple channels, such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.


Using trusted license verification software ensures employers confirm the validity of their employees credentials before hiring. Primary source verification is a powerful tool that ascertains that all licenses and certifications are accurate and valid. Automating this process saves companies time, money, and energy. Plus, taking advantage of this technology ensures they stay ahead of regulatory compliance and easily and securely secure employees in an ever-changing landscape.


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