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Employers of all sizes must ensure they have a dedicated team managing their licensing and certification processes. Senior human resource professionals must proactively remain vigilant to ensure all required licenses, certifications, and registrations are up-to-date for their workforce. Ensuring regulatory compliance is a critical element in any business operations.

The verification and monitoring process for employee credentials can be daunting and often requires individuals to document and audit these credentials on a regular basis. OSHA rules and regulations require that employers demonstrate diligent efforts to maintain licensing and certifications. Unfortunately, most traditional strategies of manual record-keeping are prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Offering a comprehensive license and certification verification system can reduce the challenges of traditional manual tracking. A verified system offers a complete view of the workforce licensing and certification credentials to limit risk and liability while maintaining a higher standard of quality for all required documentation. With automation capabilities, employers can know in real time which certifications are current and closer deadlines.

The Benefits of Automated Verification

The process of verifying and maintaining employee credentials can become time intensive and costly if not managed properly. Manually keeping track of employee license and certification statuses can be a daunting task and can be error-prone due to the amount of data required to collect and validate. Automated primary source verification systems provide employers with improved accuracy, speed, and visibility.

The automation of verification processes can support time savings and cost reduction efforts by helping to automate key activities within the verifications process. Automation of the process helps to ensure licenses, certifications, and registrations are valid and up-to-date. Furthermore, automation provides employers with a comprehensive view of the employees license statuses, giving employers the ability to easily identify expired licenses, incomplete paperwork, and discrepancies in required documentation.

The Significance of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is considered best practice for mitigating risk associated with inaccurate or falsified information in employee files. With primary source verification, data is obtained from the actual issuing agency, whether it be an industry certification or licensing bureau. Primary source verification systems ensure accurate, up-to date information that is both credible and complies with regulatory laws.

Primary source verification is useful for employers who must adhere to privacy laws and maintain compliance with governmental agencies. Having a trusted and secure verification system can also reduce risk of fraud or misrepresentation of information within the system. Primary source verification provides a sound and reliable platform for tracking and managing employee licenses and certifications at both the federal and state levels.

Complete Visibility and Control of Your Compliance Program

Providing a comprehensive license and certification verification solution can help organizations gain real-time visibility and control over their compliance programs. A dynamic verification system enables employers to easily identify and verify individual licenses, certifications, and registrations. Automating key activities within the process can significantly reduce redundancy and improve organizational efficiency and accuracy.

Managers and employers can easily create and monitor license renewal requests, individul license renewal, and compare views of the organizations licenses and certifications with the help of a trusted verification system.

In summary

Verifying employee credentials can be a demanding process; however, automation of verification processes can help employers save time and reduce the risks associated with inaccurate employee documentation. Primary source verification provides employers with credible, secure, and updated employee documentation. Automation of the verifications process lowers the risk of error and improves visibility and control of the companies compliance program.


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