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A Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) is a credential that provides special expertise in healthcare quality management. Professional certification verifies the holder?s knowledge and competency in healthcare quality topics and management systems and ensures the skills and commitment to patient safety and quality-focused care. To maintain CPHQ certification, healthcare organizations should ensure that their employees stay current with the latest changes in standards and regulations by using a license verification tool to validate professional credentials.

The increasing complexity of healthcare quality reporting requirements and regulatory changes has made the task of verifying compliance across the entire organization more time consuming than ever. Healthcare organizations must verify that each employee hold current and up-to-date professional certifications to ensure safe and successful patient care. Keeping up with the verification process can feel virtually impossible, which is why many healthcare organizations are turning to automated license verification solutions.

An automated license verification system, like Certemy, helps healthcare organizations more efficiently manage the complexity of credentialing requirements. It is an all-in-one solution that verifies licenses and certifications of your entire workforce in real-time and tracks credentials from the minute they are issued. The solution improves visibility across the organization into valid, expired, or revoked credentials. Utilizing a license tracking system helps healthcare organizations secure healthcare quality standards, stay ahead of certification renewals, and ensure regulations are met.

Certemys automated verification system serves as a single source of truth for all credentialing information, allowing healthcare organizations to save time by automating the process of renewing licenses and certifications across the entire organization. It also provides complete visibility and control of the process with in-depth reporting that covers trends and insights, and configurable workflows to automate license applications processes.

Certemy enables healthcare organizations to streamline once time-consuming operational processes and improve patient safety overall. By utilizing an automated license verification solution, healthcare organizations can efficiently verify CPHQ (and any other) professional certifications. It will ensure that your healthcare organization is fully compliant with Todays regulations and continually improving standards for healthcare quality.


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