License Verification Tool | ACONP – Oncology Nurse Practitioner

For large organizations, compliancy can be cumbersome. Oncology Nurse Practitioner (ONPs) licenses may expire, and it can be difficult to keep all of these credentials up to date. Verifying all of the ONPs in your organization for any changes to their licenses can be a time-consuming and tedious process. On top of that, staying up to date with any changes to licensure rules and regulations can be a challenge. It is critical that organizations stay on top of these changes, as these credentials may have varying renewals or requirements within the organizations designated geographical area.

Certemy is a leader in business license and credential Verification, and has the tools necessary to help ensure compliant ONP licenses and certifications within organizations. Having an automated primary source verification system can save organizations time, effort, and money. Not only can organizations ensure that the credentials are valid and up to date, they can ensure with greater confidence that disciplinary actions for any of their ONPs has not occurred.

So how does this automated primary source verification system work? First, the organization enters the license information into the platform. This could include the ONP’s name, expiration date, license number, and more. This information is then cross-checked with the source databases that have the most up to date licensee information, including data from license renewal organizations, Boards of Nursing, and the NP Database. Once the credentials are input and verified, the system will track and store the information, allowing organizations to easily view and track the status of all their ONP credentials.

Organizations may also decide to implement specific workflows or systems to support their Compliance processes. Certemy allows organizations to customize their own workflows to best fit the needs and structure of their team. This empowers organizations to streamline the application process, monitor verifications in real-time, and enforce strict oversight policies, ensuring that data is accurately captured and stored in one record. Furthermore, Certemy ensures the security of the employees information, mentality eliminating any potential fear of data breaches.

In addition to the automated processes, Certemy also provides cloud-based storage of license and credential documents. Documents such as regulatory documents, organizational documents, and license renewal history can be stored in this digital repository, making sure the organization is always prepared in the case of an audit.

With the automated license tracking system backed by an extensive support team, Certemy can help keep your organization compliant and up to date with its ONP credentials and regulations. Make sure your organization has the tools necessary to stay on top of ONP license and credential verification with Certemy!


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