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For any business distributing electrical services to customers, the regulatory compliance burden can be significant. Without the right verification system in place, organizations run the risk of falling foul of the law and risking hefty penalties. This is particularly true for Electrical Journeyman licenses, which require accurate and up to date primary source verification.

Fortunately, organizations have access to a range of license verification solutions that enable them to remain compliant. Certemy is one such tool, offering an automated primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications, ensuring that they are actively active, appropriately renewed, and absent of disciplinary action.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the necessity and advantages of employing an automated Electrical Journeyman license verification system, such as Certemy, in your HR operations. We will begin by establishing why license verification is an important part of any compliance process, and then benefit from the extra visibility and control it can provide in the workplace. Then we will analyse the features of the Certemy platform that can help your HR operations run more effectively and efficiently, and how employers can leverage pre-built workflows to their advantage as they automate license application processes.

Why is License Verification Necessary?

Put simply, license verification helps employers and organizations understand an individual’s qualifications and competencies for a given role. For instance, verifying an Electrical Journeyman license allows an employer to discern whether a worker is adequately trained and qualified to carry out the job as required.

Not only that, but with the right software (such as Certemy) employers can also view the status of the Electrical Journeyman license and related qualifications, ensuring that the employee is in compliance. This makes it easier to identify and take action against any sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Elevated Visibility and Control With Automated License Verification

License verification provides a greater understanding of qualifications, and automated systems can ensure that employers remain compliant. With Certemys automated verification solution, employers have a single system of record to track and monitor all electrical licenses and credentials. This boosts visibility and allows employers to take control of their workforce compliance program.

The insight and control gained with automated license verification can lead to increased productivity across the entire organization, reducing the burden of administrative tasks and allowing staff to focus on higher-value contributions.

Certemys Automated License Verification System in Action

Certemys platform features everything employers need to ensure all qualifications and licenses are verified in real-time. The platform is easy to use and designed to streamline the license application process, eliminating manual paperwork and ensuring exact compliance needs are met with up-to-date primary source documentation.

Businesses are able to track any sanctions or disciplinary action against employees, as well as maintain certificates and licenses – all while providing a secure environment to store data. This automated system eliminates the risk of data loss or inaccurate information, ensuring all of an employees credentials are kept up to date and in-line with regulations.

The platform also features an intuitive and intuitive user-interface, making it easy to find information and complete administrative tasks with ease. It also offers role-based access for individual employees, helping to ensure that everyone in the organization is using the system correctly.

Using Pre-Built Workflows to Automate Application Processes

Certemy offers pre-built workflows that are customisable to an organizations specific needs. This makes it even easier to automate license application processes, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring information is managed accurately, securely, and in-line with compliance requirements.

The net result is increased organizational efficiency and increased time saved, allowing employers to assign roles to employees more effectively and ensure employee utilization is at its peak.


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