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Electrical contractors have a big responsibility when it comes to safety and regulations. To ensure that they are operating legally and in accordance with government standards, it is important to ensure that their licenses and certifications are up-to-date and valid.

Primary source verification is an automated process used to verify the accuracy of documents related to professional credentials including medical, legal, accounting, and electrical licenses. This process provides employers with an easy way to make sure that their contractors and employees are in compliance with the highest standards of the industry.

Certemy is a leader in offering automated primary source verification (APSR) services to important areas of business, such as electrician contractors. With their license verification system, electricians can provide employers with the assurance that they are properly licensed and qualified to perform the job required.

Certemys system allows employers to easily monitor and track licenses and certifications across all of their employees. The system also notifies employers when employees are due for license renewal, helping to avoid any potential liabilities due to incorrect paperwork.

For employers, Certemys APSR system helps to ensure they are staying on top of the regulations set out by the relevant governing bodies. This system provides employers with real-time visibility and control of compliance issues within their organization. All data is securely stored and backed up, ensuring the highest levels of protection.

Certemys APSR system has been trusted by some of the largest employers across the USA, to save time, mitigate risks and improve staff utilization. Employers can leverage pre-built workflows to automate license application processes, taking away the need for manual data entry. Speed and accuracy are two important factors when managing license information, and with such a system in place, employers can rest assured knowing that their staff, contractors and credentials are up to date.

With an automated primary source verification system in place, electricians can be certain that they are operating within the bounds of the law, and employers can gain peace of mind that their license and certification information is properly managed and tracked.


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