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Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is a critical tool in prenatal and delivery care, providing vital insight into the health and wellbeing of an unborn child. EFM has become increasingly important amid pandemic-related changes to healthcare, with mothers and babies now needing to be separated for weeks or months before delivery. As the use of EFM has grown, so too has the need for highly accurate, reliable, and efficient license verification technology to ensure that practitioners are adequately trained and have the competencies to care for patients.

Certemy is a leader in license verification technology, providing a comprehensive platform that enables employers to quickly and easily verify that their staff holds the required qualifications and certifications. The primary source verification system employs a range of advanced technologies to validate occupational licenses, certifications, and other credentials across personnel, ensuring that employees are up-to-date and free of any restrictions or disciplinary action. By using Certemy to manage workforce compliance, employers can stay on top of all required certifications and licenses, tracking them in a centralized system for real-time visibility. Certemys automated license tracking system shifts the burden of manual license searches away from the HR team, saving valuable time and resources.

Webinars, online seminars, and other digital educational training platforms have made licensure and certification requirements more accessible and streamlined for EFM practitioners. These platforms offer a wide range of educational courses, including fetal assessment modules, which provide the training necessary for obtaining quality EFM credentials. Certemys license tracking system handles the processing of these credentials, verifying that the practitioner has successfully completed the required educational program. Once all qualifications are verified and stored, Certemy will track and report on any needed renewals, meaning employers and staff can stay on top of any updates to qualifications.

Certemy can also be used to automate the application process for licenses and certifications. Pre-built workflows allow HR teams to configure the application process within the system, ensuring that all applications are correctly completed and submitted within the required timeframe. Likewise, Certemys license tracking system is also highly configurable and customizable, allowing employers to set specific thresholds for monitoring and reporting on licenses and certifications. This level of control helps ensure compliance while also streamlining operations and improving the utilization of staff.

EFM practitioners play an essential role in ensuring the health and safety of mothers and babies during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The accuracy and reliability of license verification technology is essential to ensuring that these practitioners hold all the necessary qualifications and certifications and remain compliant with statutory regulations. Certemys platform provides an accessible and comprehensive suite of tools for managing workforce compliance, allowing employers to maintain visibility and control of their license verification processes.


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