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Flight registered nurses, or FRNs, are responsible for providing care to patients in transport aircrafts and ambulances. In order to ensure safety and quality of care, it is essential for employers to maintain and verify the credentials of their FRN staff. An automated license Verification system gives employers the peace of mind that their FRNs have the necessary licenses, certifications, and credentials needed for their positions.

Certemy is an all-in-one license verification system that eliminates the time-consuming task of manually verifying and tracking employee licenses and credentials while maintaining regulatory Compliance and reducing risk. With Certemy, employers have visibility and control over their workforce compliance program, allowing them to track and manage their employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. In addition, automating the license application process and maintaining real-time tracking of all licenses and credentials can help employers increase team productivity while reducing resource spending.

Benefits of an Automated License Verification System

An automated license verification system has a number of benefits for employers, FRNs, and patients. Employers benefit from the ability to quickly and easily verify employee licenses, which allows for smoother onboarding process, improved operational efficiency, and better risk management. With real-time license tracking, employers can also be alerted of when an employees license is expiring and ensure it is renewed in a timely manner.

Employee benefit from the automated license verification system by having a more streamlined process to apply for a license and have it approved quickly, and they also can be reminded of when their licenses are due for renewal. Certemys automated license verification system also allows employees to self-manage multiple licenses in one single dashboard, which simplifies the process of tracking and renewing their credentials.

Patients are also befitting from an automated license verification system as it ensures that they are receiving care from qualified providers who are up-to-date with their credentials. This reinforces patient safety and aids in the improvement of overall quality of care.

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Certemys automated license verification system is an invaluable tool for employers, employees, and patients. It ensures that flight registered nurses are properly credentialed and qualified to perform their duties safely and competently, while streamlining the process for employers and employees to quickly and easily verify and manage licenses and credentials. This allows employers to focus on providing the safest and highest quality professional care for their patients, while keeping their organization compliant and on top of regulatory requirements.


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