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As an asbestos worker supervisor, you have the responsibility of ensuring that all workers under your supervision are legally and appropriately certified and licensed to carry out their job. Keeping track of all asbestos worker certifications and licenses can be a huge undertaking, one that can eat up a lot of time ? and potentially keep you from other aspects of your job. But automated primary source Verification (PSV) systems can help you overcome the challenge of ensuring occupational licensing and certifications Compliance.

Primary source verification is a process comprising of a series of checks and balances to ensure that an individual is up-to-date on their certifications and licenses. Usually, the primary source will be the issuing body or certifying organization (state or federal department, professional organization, etc.) for a certification or license carried by an individual.

The automation of primary source verification can help streamline the compliance process and make sure you are up to date on all certifications and licenses in your organization. The automation, backed by a robust system of record, can help you save time in monitoring and managing licenses ? and ensure that you are meeting compliance requirements.

Using an Automated PSV System

Implementing an automated PSV system gives you a single consolidated platform to track and manage all license and certification information ? from applications to renewals. The system should be regularly maintained by continuing value-adding and industry-standard controls. This allows you to always have a current record of your employees? certificates and licensure information.

An automated system will generally work through the integration of primary sources with their corresponding transactions. Any changes in their primary source will be discovered during the transactions, and flagged for future review. The system should also be able to identify potential discrepancies or differences in the type of license or certification held by employees.

When implementing an automated PSV system, it is also important to be aware of the data you need to collect, such as license and certification dates, expiration dates, contact information, and any applicable license or certifying organization information.

The Benefits of Automated PSV

The primary benefit of an automated PSV system is its ability to save time and resources. With manual processes in place, it takes an extensive amount of time and effort to track and monitor licenses and certifications for all workers in your organization. With automated PSV, all of the labor-intensive steps are done for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job.

Another benefit of automated PSV is the ability to identify potential accreditation or disciplinary action. By utilizing the automated process, any possible discrepancies or discrepancies between the type of license information provided by the worker and the type of license information accepted by the federal or state licenses board can be quickly identified and updated. This is a much more efficient process than the manual process of double checking each of the individual pieces of information.

Finally, an automated PSV system provides visibility and control. An automated system can provide you with better visibility into the compliance process and allow you to have more control over it. Automation can help identify areas where further attention may be necessary, and help streamline processes and decision-making.

Ending Compliance Issues with Automated PSV

In Todays fast-paced environment, it is more important than ever to ensure compliance and prevent any issues before they can occur. Keeping up with the licensing and certifying requirements of all of your employees can be a challenge, but with a robust and automated primary source verification system, you can ensure that all employee licenses and certifications are up to date and free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions.


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