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Compliance requirements for professional licenses and certifications in the US workforce can be a daunting task. Licensing and credentialing organizations require that employers to keep an up-to-date record of their employees active and valid qualifications, certifications and professional licenses. Primary source Verification is an important tool for employers to monitor and manage these requirements, and ensure that their staff is compliant with all the relevant licensing and certification requirements.

The stakes for failing to comply are high, with fines for incorrect or expired credentials ranging from monetary penalties to business closures. Keeping accurate records and being able to respond quickly to regulatory authorities after a review or audit is essential.

Historically, organizations have relied heavily on manual processes to meet these compliance standards. This process can prove cumbersome and posits a risky reliance on the accuracy of an individual?s manual records and data entry. Furthermore, manual processes can become complex and become a drain on an organizations resources, especially with tasks such as renewals or other changes in certification and compliance requirements.

Enter primary source verification. This is an automated verification system that can validate professional licenses, certifications and credentials across the organizations employees and verify that the credentials are active, properly renewed and free from sanctions. To simplify and reduce the burden of verification process, automated software solutions have emerged, and many large corporations are embracing primary source verification for its ease and practicality.

Certemy is a leading platform for license verification in the US workforce. It istreamlines the credential verification process by providing an automated software system that quickly and securely verifies licenses and certifications in real-time. This process not only increases efficiency but also significantly reduces the risk of fines or sanctions for employees with out of date credentials.

The system tracks and monitors employee qualifications and certifications in one place and has pre-built workflows to allow for faster, customizable license application processes. This ultimately leads to improved visibility and overall control of an organizations compliance program across the entire organization.

Certemy and other automated license tracking systems have become invaluable tools for US businesses ? offering significant improvements in productivity and cost-savings.


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