Telehealth Compliance

Telehealth organizations need to carefully review any options when it comes to certification tracking systems. For the Head of Finance in this industry, the task of finding just the right system to ensure employees and other stakeholders are up-to-date on their certifications can involve significant cost, labor, and time, and so should not be undertaken lightly. To make the best decision for the organization’s budget, leadership, and operations, there are certain criteria that should be considered when evaluating climate certification tracking systems.

Start by evaluating the system’s organizational capabilities. Does it help the organization define their business requirements easily? Does the system facilitate a standardized approach to managing personnel certification requirements and compliance? This includes regulations and policies, such as knowing which employees need certifications prior to accessing specific company data.

The features of a certification tracking system should also be assessed. What certification database recording, reporting, or updating mechanisms are available? How well equipped is the system to address a variety of certification types and to track registrations, expiration dates, recertifications, ongoing education requirements, and any necessary renewals? Determine, too, the system’s ability to maintain data security, accessibility, and confidentiality while allowing easier, convenient access to records.

As well, weigh the system’s functional capabilities. Are user dashboards, notifications, reminders, and other options that may offer assistance with compliance for employees (and third-party providers?) Does the system provide the organization with customizable fields to design and build reports, which could be helpful for tracking trends, overall compliance, and validating data?

Finally, take cost into consideration. What is the pricing structure for software, hosting, maintenance and other associated costs? Is there additional fees for customization to make certain the system fits within an organization’s operations and processes? Is there a payment plan and opportunities for discounts?

By evaluating the organization’s operational and functional capabilities, features, and costs, the Head of Finance in the telehealth industry will be well served in making an informed decision when deciding on a suitable certification tracking system.