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For contemporary HR operations, an effective license verification system is essential. This is especially true for organizations that require licensure at the specialty, trade, and professional levels. Often, these positions are fundamental to running a successful business ? and thus, processes for ensuring employee qualifications should be implemented and managed. That?s where Certemy comes in. An automated primary source verification system, Certemy is designed to provide an intelligent platform for quickly and thoroughly analyzing and confirming licensure and certification.

The Benefits of Certification Automation with Certemy

Certemys platform is structured to assist organizations with their compliance programs. The system is populated with data from primary sources, including state and federal databases, professional associations, and other authoritative entities. This helps to ensure the accuracy and validity of information. As such, Certemy allows compliance teams to stay ahead of regulatory requirements with automated license tracking and verification. It also enables real-time visibility of employee licensure and credentials, empowering organizations to take immediate precautions when necessary. Human resource departments can improve their staffing efficiency, utilization, and maintenance with Certemy.

Design-wise, Certemy is engineered to be intuitive and easy-to-use. The platform crafts a streamlined portal for verifying license compliance across a variety of different levels and specialties ? all in one place. It also simplifies workflow processes, allowing users to configure existing templates to apply licensure in the most efficient way. More succinctly stated, the system has the potential to save time and simplify the complexities of licensure management.

Evidence Behind the Efficacy of Certemy

Certemy is the trusted system of choice for many organizations across the United States. Its success rate is quite impressive. The platform boasts a 95% accuracy check when verifying data due to its commitment to checking source information. The system additionally notifies users of new sanctions within 24 hours? of licensing authority documentation. This gives a high degree of assurance that certification information is accurate and always up-to-date.

User Education and Support

In addition to their service, Certemy provides comprehensive materials for not only users, but also for the HR team. This content is designed to educate teams on the platform?s architecture and features as well as key issues for managing compliance and keeping on top of regulations. This includes a library of webinars and white papers that can be really beneficial for organizations looking to improve their understanding.

The scope of resources does not end here, however; Certemy provides quality customer support, always available to address user questions and issues. Their friendly customer service and knowledgeable support staff are always on hand and eager to answer.

Conclusion: A Solid Compliance Solution

It is clear that Certemys platform is a sophisticated and reliable license verification system for consultant-based human resource management. This system allows organizations to stay ahead of compliance regulations and to minimize their risk with little effort. With streamlined processes, real-time tracking, and quality support, Certemy can play a vital role in any organizations compliance program.


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