Telehealth Compliance

Telemedicine, a rapidly-growing industry in the healthcare landscape, brings nuanced needs for employers. The digital transformation of the medical industry is particularly timely in light of pandemic-driven use of telemedicine, as both documented and predicted figures suggest the number of telemedicine visits could soon make up the majority of healthcare visits in the United States. This growth brings with it a host of challenges, one of which is potential employer liability.

Certification management solutions can provide telemedicine employers with a necessary layer of regulatory compliance, ultimately reducing the risk of civil and criminal penalties, negligence complaints due to misappropriation and mishandling of patient information, and other costly outcomes. These solutions not only provide clear and easily trackable insight into who, where, and when information is accessed and managed, but they also help employers reduce administrative overhead, save money, and improve operational efficiency. The primary benefit of certification management is its ability to improve accuracy by ensuring certifications do not expire, are not duplicated, and are indeed periodically monitored and renewed if needed.

Additionally, certification management systems will enable employers to ensure employees and contractors have the necessary credentials for the job and that their skills are current according to expectations and industry regulations. Certification management solutions will also grant employers access to real-time information about the latest treatments, technologies, regulations, and best practices—all of which can help them to reduce liability in the case of any medical malpractice or negligence.

Furthermore, certification management solutions streamline the onboarding process by allowing employers to quickly identify which new hires need certification and to track their progress. In the event a new hire is found to have provided false or outdated certification, employers can act on that information immediately and with confidence.

The benefit of certification management solutions intersects with both financial and security concerns as documentation must be secured and stored with information integrity in mind. As they are often stored online and accessible in the cloud, employers can guarantee the security of the sensitive data stored in the system using multiple authentication measures and advanced encryption technology, preventing unauthorized access and eliminating the risk of data leakage.

In short, certification management solutions present digital assurance for employers, safeguarding their economic and legal standing in a rapidly-evolving telemedicine industry. By ensuring the accuracy, security and validity of certifications, employers can reap the benefits of operational efficiency, cost savings, and effective liability management.