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Technology has revolutionized the way businesses are managing regulatory Compliance and is now playing a major role in reducing financial and legal risks associated with employee license tracking. Certemy is one such solution, offering automated primary source Verification systems that ensures the validity of certified professional licenses, as well as professional certifications across the staff. This powerful tool provides complete visibility and control over an organizations workforce compliance program, leading to improved staff utilization and a better understanding of team productivity.

Licenses and certifications from registry databases need to be tracked and managed accurately, but the challenge here is that, in many professions, these license renewals are subject to varying state laws and interpretations. This, combined with rigid timelines for verification and sanctions for non-compliance, can make it difficult for organizations to manage and maintain accurate credentials. Certemy provides a one-stop solution that takes this worry away.

Understanding Certemy

Certemy is a cloud-based occupational license verification and tracking platform that combines hundreds of different databases into a single application. It offers users a system of record that delivers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. At its core, Certemy is an automated primary source verification system. It isupports 29 professional certification and 2,800 license requirements from hundreds of different databases that are continuously monitored so employers can be certain their staff is in full compliance with the latest regulations. It also has various automated workflows that can be customized to fit an organizations specific needs.

The platform meets title 28 test that measures the accuracy of primary source verification. It is secure and compliant with industry regulations, HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR, making It isuitable for organizations of any size. Certemy has become a trusted and approved choice for large US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and reap the benefits of an improved staff utilization.

Getting Started with Certemy

Organizations can make use of Certemy by signing up for the platform, which will allow them to access the underlying SL-Verify technology. The SL-Verify technology has been engineered to ensure that the primary source verification is accurate and compliant with updated regulations. The technology can verify the status of licenses and certifications in 29 professional disciplines and from more than 2,800 federal and state agencies.

The platform provides the necessary resources to seamlessly integrate into an organizations existing software ecosystem. Organizations can constantly monitor their credentialing processes associated with hired and existing professionals by using automated workflows. The platform also offers support resources such as tutorials, guidance documents, and video demonstrations.

Benefits of Certemy

Certemy provides numerous benefits to organizations, some of which include:

Mitigating the risk of noncompliance: The platform helps ensure that staff is compliant with the latest laws and regulations, which reduces the chances of financial and legal risks.

Complete source verification: Not only does Certemy accurately verify the status of a person?s credentials, it also offers automatic tracking of a license, so employers can be sure that they are up-to-date and active.

Visibility and control of compliance: Organizations can have better control over the credentials and certifications of each employee with Certemys comprehensive features.

Saving time with automated workflows: Certemys automated workflows make it easy to process an employees application so employers can quickly move on to other tasks.

Client support resources: Certemy also offers tutorials, guidance documents, and video demonstrations to help new users quickly get up to speed with the platform.

The main takeaway

Certemy is a powerful tool to help organizations keep track of their employees? certifications and credentials. It offers automated primary source verification and provides a real-time system of record to monitor license and credential statuses. Moreover, the platform has been designed to reduce the stress of manual verifications while streamlining credentialing processes for a better understanding of workforce compliance.


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