License Verification Tool | Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse

Having employees with credentials and licenses that are up-to-date and in compliance is essential for businesses to mitigate risk and prevent staffing mishaps. For organizations dealing with complex regulatory requirements, manually verifying each employees license or credential can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Certemy is the industry-leading license verification system that provides organizations with an automated primary source verification system that ensures that licenses and certifications of their employees are current, valid, and free from sanctions and other disciplinary actions.

Certemy provides organizations of all sizes with the ability to have full visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. The automated primary source verification system helps businesses to easily confirm if their employees are active and up-to-date with their licenses and certifications. The powerful license tracking helps to manage and stay ahead of regulatory compliance, providing business with up-to-date insight into their compliance program. Certified is trusted by many large businesses in the United States to significantly save time, reduce risk, and maximize staff utilization.

The Certemysystem provides businesses with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record. With this, organizations can quickly improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. The system also contains pre-built workflows that are fully tailored to the needs of the organization. This ensures that license application processes are automated to ensure compliance and prevent any issues before they arise.

Aside from monitoring team credentials and licenses, Certemy also helps to maintain compliance with other state and federal employment-related regulations. By assisting organizations in verifying basic pre-employment credentials such as background checks, drug tests, and even I-9 forms, Certemy helps to ensure a seamless and efficient compliance monitoring and verification process.

Certemy helps businesses to remain compliant without the time and effort of manually combing through documents and credentials. By providing a single system of record and automated processes to validate employment records and licenses, Certemy offers an easy and reliable path to compliance. Organizations can trust that Certemy will provide the necessary tools to ensure that their employees are in the right place with the right qualifications, leaving businesses with time to focus on other important aspects of their operations.


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