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Certification among nurses in clinical research is complex and difficult to manage. Clinical Research Nurses (CRNs) must be on top of their compliance to maintain their medical licenses and any other applicable certifications. Companies seeking to hire CRNs are often at a loss of how to verify each nurse’s credentials easily to confirm their active and valid certification.

Certemy is a leading license verification platform that streamlines the process of primary source verification for CRNs and helps medical employers ensure their workforce is in compliance with certification and licensing requirements. With the ability to quickly and easily validate or revoke any credentials, Certemy helps employers remain compliant and contributes to a positive experience with their CRN candidates.

What is Primary Source Verification (PSV)?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of confirming that a CRN has a valid medical license as well as any relevant certifications and is free of sanctions or any other disciplinary action. In order for any credentials to be valid, the information associated with each CRN’s certifications has to be verified, tracked and updated regularly.

Certemys innovative primary source verification system helps employers in four primary ways:

1. Complete Visibility and Control of Your Workforce Compliance Program

Certemy offers employers full control over their compliance programs. All of the relevant credentials for each CRN are stored in one secure platform, enabling employers to easily track and monitor any changes in their staff’s credentials. In addition, employers are able to quickly and easily access all of the necessary documentation to determine if their CRNs are up to date with and in compliance with current licensing and certification standards.

2. Automate Licensing Processes

Certemys pre-built workflows are designed to help employers manage complex licensing processes with ease. Employers are able to set timelines for their CRN applicants to obtain certain licenses and certifications, and Certemy will remind them when the time comes to renew or apply for new licenses. With automated licenses and credential tracking, Certemy ensures that employers are compliant and saves them time by eliminating the need to continuously follow up with applicants and CRNs to ensure their certifications are up to date.

3. Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Certemys license tracking platform ensures employers are in compliance with all of the relevant regulations and laws that apply to their CRN workforce. With real-time tracking and monitoring of all relevant credentials, employers can easily stay ahead of any changes in regulation or compliance requirements.

4. Improve Staff Utilization

Certemys license tracking and primary source verification capabilities help employers improve their staff utilization. By automatically tracking licenses and certifications, employers can ensure their CRN staff is appropriately utilized and that the time they spend in the workplace is maximized. In addition, employers can quickly identify any underperforming staff members and seamlessly switch them out with appropriately qualified and certified personnel as needed.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is essential for any employer who is interested in hiring or promoting a qualified and credentialed CRN. By using Certemys PSV system, employers can be sure that their CRN staff is in compliance with all relevant licensing and certification standards and that their staff is held to the highest standards. In addition, Certemys platform enables employers to easily track and manage the credentials of their CRN staff, and quickly verify or revoke any credentials as needed.

The first step to ensuring compliance with CRN certifications is to use an innovative license tracking platform like Certemys PSV service. By leveraging this platform, employers can remain compliant and find the best qualified CRNs to help them deliver the highest quality patient care.


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