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Genetics nursing is an important field of study in today’s medical industry. As the quality and complexity of healthcare services increase, so does the need to ensure competent delivery of this care. This is where the skill and expertise of those in genetics nursing comes into play.

To ensure the safety of patients, genetics nurses must be certified in their specific area of practice. Certification is an important step in any healthcare worker’s professional journey, as it guarantees both the quality of care and the compliance of the genetics nurse with state and federal regulations. To achieve certification, genetics nurses must pass a series of exams and complete a minimum amount of continuing education units (CEUs).

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates professional nursing licenses and certifications across the US, confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free from sanctions or other disciplinary actions. With Certemy, healthcare organizations can proficiently keep up with their license and certification requirements, ensuring compliance and maintaining full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

Certemy offers healthcare organizations automated license tracking and primary source verification in real-time, so refunds, staffing assignments, and workflow processes remain efficient and effective. The system offers pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license applicatons, from entering data to sending renewals. In addition, Certemy offers a customizable dashboard with drill-down filtering, which allows for better tracking of license terms.

Certemy is a cost-effective system that allows employers to save time in the manual-intensive process of license tracking, eliminating the need to manually audit files, while also decreasing expenses related to non-compliance penalties. It?s a reliable and secure system that offers transparency to ensure complete traceability and accuracy of license terms, providing a peace of mind for patients and employers alike.

Using Certemy, genetics nurses can quickly and easily keep up with their required certifications while at the same time providing organizations with easy-to-manage compliance. Because Certemy allows clinicians to review their credentials and update their contact information quickly, they can ensure that their current credentials can be easily accessed when needed.

The implementation process of Certemy is simple for healthcare employers. The system offers a user-friendly interface that can be set up in minutes, while allowing for customization to fit the organization’s needs. From there, the system works as an automated assistant in the credentialing process, providing support to both clinicians and healthcare organizations.

As healthcare solutions become increasingly complex, it?s important to ensure that health professionals stay up to date and comply with applicable standards. Certemy is a great resource that offers healthcare organizations the tools they need to ensure the safety of their patients. By offering automated license tracking and primary source verification, Certemy provides a safe, efficient, and accurate way to remain compliant with healthcare regulations.


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