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Gerontological Nursing Certification is the specialized field of nursing dedicated to the care of older adults by providing unsurpassed medical care to improve their quality of life. Certified gerontological nurses (CGNs) are highly educated professionals who have taken a few extra steps to become experts in topics such as aging, health promotion, and chronic conditions, among others.

It is a legal requirement for all CGNs to carry a valid state certification before they can practice. This certification must be renewed according to standard protocols at regular intervals. It is the responsibility of healthcare administrators, facilities, or employers to make sure these nurses are up to date with their licenses. Running manual or outdated license verification processes can be an inefficient, time-consuming task. This is where primary source verification can help.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a secure, automated system for verifying occupational licenses and certifications. It eliminates the need for healthcare organizations to manually check credentials against databases. PSV gathers data from the state licensing boards in a matter of minutes to ensure recency, accuracy, and validity.

Using PSV automated license tracking, employers and healthcare facilities can save time and resources, improve team productivity, and reduce the risk of non-compliance. This is especially important when it comes to CGNs because if an employer employs an unlicensed nurse, they can face serious fines and legal consequences.

PSV tracking is a vital tool for any employer or healthcare facility that relies on nursing professionals. It offers a quick, secure, and accurate way to verify nursing credentials and certifications. It also provides insights and analytics to help employers track certifications across the entire organization.

Implementing PSV in the workplace can help ensure that all nursing employees maintain their certifications and comply with state regulations. This can go a long way in protecting employers from potential lawsuits, fines, and other liabilities.

Gerontological nursing is a wide-ranging field that requires verifiable training and certification. Primary source verification of nursing credentials is the best way for employers and healthcare facilities to ensure that their nursing staff is compliant, and to mitigate risk and keep employees safe.


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