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Keeping up with regulatory compliance for employee licensure and certifications is a time consuming and tedious task that can have major implications if not done accurately. The only way to ensure licensure compliance is by exhibiting due diligence and utilizing an automated license verification system. Certemy allows employers to easily view and manage their staff?s occupational licenses and certifications, reducing the amount of time spent on manual license maintenance as well as the risk of associated penalties.

The importance of verifying occupational licenses and certifications

Verifying occupational licenses and certifications is crucial for protecting your companies safety, reputation, and compliance status. Without verifying, the business could be held liable for any deficiencies in the qualifications of the employee, such as any expired credentials or sanctions against them. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that verifies current professional certifications and licenses in order to ensure compliance with the law.

The risks of not verifying licenses and certifications

Employers who fail to verify the qualifications of their staff may be vulnerable to lawsuits in the event of a work-related incident. Under the US Licensure Law (ULP), employers are liable if an incident arises in which the unverified employee was not qualified to perform their duties. Failure to follow licensure law also results in fines, and even the potential of criminal charges. Properly verifying licenses and certifications is a crucial step in protecting both the employer and employee.

Using Certemy for License Verification

Certemy is an automated license verification system that validates and confirms the veracity of an employees occupational license and certifications. With Certempy, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and track any changes to the employees license status in real time. All of an employees license information is stored in a single system, allowing employers to easily view and manage their employees? licenses and certifications.

Certemys verification process is simple. Once an employees information is entered into the system, it will be validated against the issuing board?s records. Any discrepancies found during the verification process will be flagged and addressed immediately. Certemys primary source verification of employment licenses and certifications is an accurate and fast way to ensure compliance for employers.

The core message

Ensuring your employees have valid professional licenses and certifications is an essential part of maintaining legal and financial compliance as an employer. Utilizing Certemys automated license verification system creates transparency, allowing employers to quickly and confidently verify their staff?s qualifications while mitigating their risk for prosecution or litigation.


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