License Verification Tool | Pain Management Nursing Certification

In the modern health care environment, nursing certifications are increasingly important to ensure that your team is educated and competent to do their job. Pain management nurses are certified to assess, diagnose and treat the pain and distress associated with chronic illnesses, injuries, and surgical procedures. Pain management certification is seen as an important credential to ensure excellence in the delivery of caring services.

At Certemy, we provide automated primary source verification of nursing certifications, which allows you to easily keep up with your health care teams licensing status. Primary source verification ensures that certifications are current, free from sanctions, and properly renewed. This is an easy way to stay compliant and keep your organizations risk low.

Pain Management Certification Requirements

For pain management nurses to become certified, they must first have a valid Registered Nurse (RN) license. After obtaining a valid license, nurses can register to take the certification examination offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). With the ANCC examination, nurses must complete either a two-year nurse practitioner residency prescribed by the American Academy of Pain Management or a post-master’s certificate of 25 credit hours.

In completing the nurse practitioner residency, nurses must demonstrate competency in a number of areas such as assessment of acute and chronic pain, management of efficacy, safety, and access to opioid medication, acute pain assessment and management, end-of-life care, and pharmacology. The post-masters certificate of 25 credit hours consists of topics on acute and chronic pain, pain assessment, and pain management.

Continuing Education

In order to maintain accreditation in pain management, continuing education is necessary. These continuing education trainings must meet the ANCC pain management standards, and include topics such as advanced practice, geriatrics, autism related pain management, and palliative care.

To make the process of keeping compliant with nurse certifications easier, Certemy provides comprehensive automated primary source verification system for licenses and certifications. Through automation, Certemystreamlines the process of license and certification tracking across the nursing staff. Certemy also offers a range of configurable workflows to help make the license renewal process easier and more efficient.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is an important safeguard to ensure that the skills, credentials, and licenses of nurses are always up to date. By verifying credentials with an automated system, employers can reduce the risk of fraud and misrepresentation when hiring and maintaining skilled health care professionals.

Moreover, with Certemys real-time tracking of licenses and credentials in one comprehensive system of record, you can better keep track of your teams due diligence and compliance. Automation also allows for better visibility and collaboration across teams, further improving overall staff utilization.

In summary

Pain management nurses provide important services to ensure individuals are cared for in an effective and comforting manner. Accreditation and certifications are essential for pain management nurses, and It is important to stay on top of these regulations. Primary source verification ensures that your licenses and credentials are always up to date, and automating the process through Certemy makes it easier and more efficient to manage.

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