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Clinical research nurses are responsible for managing clinical trials to ensure safety, adhere to regulations, guide and monitor participants, and more. Employers of clinical research nurses require specific qualifications and according to the American Association of Clinical Research Professionals, 85% of employers prefer candidates with certification and often require it as a pre-requisite for hire. To satisfy these requirements a Clinical Research Nurse must take steps to obtain certification. In this article, we’ll discuss what is required for nursing certifications, where to get certified, and how to maintain certification.

What Certifications are Available for Clinical Research Nurses?

Clinical Research Nurses can obtain certification from organizations such as the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). The ACRP offers the Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) certification, which is a comprehensive exam-based credential for the healthcare industry. This certification requires applicants to have a minimum of two years of research experience, have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or an advanced degree from a nursing school. The certification exam covers a wide range of topics related to clinical research, including medical terminology, regulatory knowledge, and clinical trial management processes.

Where to Get Certified

Certification for the CCRP is available through the ACRP. To apply for certification, applicants will need to complete an online application and provide references. After the application is approved, applicants will have 90 days to schedule and take the exam. The exam can be taken at a remote testing site or at an ACRP-hosted location. After the exam is passed, applicants will receive a certificate of achievement along with a digital badge for use on email signatures, websIt is, and other professional badges.

Maintaining Certification

Once a nurse has achieved the CCRP certification, it is important to keep it current. The certification must be renewed every three years and nurses must complete 40 hours of continuing education credits to qualify for renewal. To ensure the certification is kept updated, nurses should take advantage of free webinars, conferences, talks, and other learning opportunities to stay up to date with the latest research protocols and processes.


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