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As a Compliance lead, there is an increasing need to continuously confirm and validate that the licenses and certifications of the workforce in your business are up to date. Building inspectors and other roles that require certifications need to take special care to ensure they are well versed in the regulations and applicable codes subject to their role. As a compliance lead, you know that having proper and comprehensive license Verification can go a long way in mitigating reputational, economic and legal risks.

Fortunately, staying ahead of the curve is possible with timely adoption of license and certification verification tools that provide comprehensive data on occupational licenses and certificates for your role. This guide provides an introduction to the basics of primary source license verification that is useful for building inspectors ? and all across the workforce ? as well as information on the best solutions for you to use.

Understanding Primary Source License Verification

Primary source license verification is a process where organizations can verify the freshness and validity of licensing credentials occupied by their workers ? such as building inspectors. The process involves sourcing the most reliable and most direct data of credentials given to the occupation holders by the entity which determines and administers the licenses. This ensures that organizations manage proper evaluation of certification and licenses ensuring authenticity and thus mitigating risks associated with having unverified and untrustworthy workers.

The good news is that technologies now exist to ease the process of primary source license verification. This technology is is AI-driven so you automatically stay ahead of the changes in licensing regulations. With the automation provided by automated primary source verification systems, workforce compliance is ensured to be totally up to date and constantly monitored with no manual data entry.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source License Verification

Automated primary source license verification comes with significant advantages for compliance leads and businesses that are serious about ensuring the validity of the credentials of their workers. From enforcing the freshest and most complete data from the primary source, which is the issuing agent, businesses can confirm that the documents held by their workers are active and appropriate and free of sanctions, disciplinary actions, and other potential issues.

In addition, automated primary source license verification can save time, and reduce scheduling and communication efforts for compliance teams. This is because workflows can be pre-built to accommodate individual processes associated with employee licenses. The workflows can also be configured to automate the application process for the license.

Why Choose Certemy For Building Inspector License Verification?

Certemy is the leader in license and certification verification with its expertise in cutting-edge technologies. The companies AI-driven system is the top in the industry as it provides insights and predictions for the licenses and certifications across an organizations workforce.

Using Certemys license verification system, compliance teams can receive complete visibility and control over the workforce?s compliance program. All licenses and certifications can be tracked and managed in real-time with verified data. Certemys license verification system is trusted by some of the biggest US employers to save time and improve staff utilization while ensuring full compliance with licensing regulations.

To summarize

Primary source license verification is essential for businesses to ensure that their workforce is fully licensed and certified. By automating their license tracking and primary source verification, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory compliance while ensuring that all data pertaining to employee credentials are tracked and organized in one system of record. Certified is a leader in primary source license verification and provides the best solutions in the market to help businesses achieve these goals.


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