License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Neonatal (Renewal Only)

For health care professionals specializing in neonatal nursing, It is a critical that their certifications and licenses are accurately verified and remain active. Investing in automated primary source Verification is an easy way to ensure you are meeting this requirement. Primary source verification is the process of verifying the authenticity of a professional?s license or certification through direct contact with the issuing body or agency.

What AutomatedPrimary Source Verification Can Do for Acute/Critical Care Specialists

Automated primary source verification technology can make it faster, easier and more reliable to ensure nurses and other medical staff are properly certified. This technology verifies the credentials of a given medical professional, compares them to the list of current requirements, and ensures they are valid and up to date. This eliminates the traditional, inefficient process of submitting paper verification requests to various bodies or agencies.

Verifying credentials is an important step in job-seeking, as well as existing employee job requirements, and automation can make the process a smooth and streamlined one. Automated verification helps nurses, hospitals, and organizations comply with regulations and keep patient care safe.

Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of the License Renewal Process

Services like Certemy provide a user-friendly and automated platform to keep track of employee licenses and certifications. Through a fully-integrated system, users can easily manage and track renewal and expiration dates. This enables organizations to stay in Compliance with current regulations and quickly renew licenses as needed.

This software-as-a-service approach allows organizations to monitor license expiration dates, ensuring that all nurses practice within the regulations imposed by governing bodies. Organizations can further customize the renewal process by setting up automated reminders ahead of scheduled expiration dates so that nurses are always aware of their upcoming deadlines.

How Automation Can Help Meet Regulatory Requirements Easily

The automation capabilities that come with license management software platforms provide huge advantages to organizations, streamlining the process of credential verification and simplifying organizational requirements.

In addition, the Certemy platform offers an interactive dashboard designed to keep track of all employee certifications at a glance. This helps staff assess their own certifications and guarantees that the entire organization meets all medical regulations and standards. This greatly reduces the risk of non-compliance and costly fines.

Achieving High Levels of Compliance and Control

For organizations looking for accuracy, Certemy is a reliable partner. By incorporating automated primary source verification into their license renewal process, they?ll ensure health care professionals maintain their competence and provide the best and safest patient care possible.


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