License Verification Tool | High-Risk Perinatal Nursing

For medical professionals, having the right qualifications and experience is essential ? whether It is in the moment of providing care, or the moment of being hired for a position. As a result, the process of license verification is an important and necessary part of the hiring process for any healthcare institution. For high-risk perinatal nursing specifically, it is especially important for employees to have valid and up-to-date certifications in order to maintain a safe and regulated working environment.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that provides the solution to license verification. By creating a complete visibility and control of the compliance program, employers can gain an unprecedented level of trust in the workforce and have the assurance of staying ahead of regulatory compliance. This ensures that your employees have the correct credentials to be employed within strict industry regulations.

The automated license tracking and verification manages pre-built workflows to quickly provide response times that are critical for organizations which means that licenses and certifications can be assessed in real-time. As reported by Certemy, some of the largest US employers save significant time and resources, reducing risks and increase utilization of staff by implementing their license tracking program.

All information is stored in one single system and accessed remotely in a secure way that eliminates manual paperwork. It also allows for data interconnection between all employers, staff, and agencies, creating a reliable platform for occupational validation that is both consistent and efficient. This also helps to reduce the cycle time of hiring employees, meaning you can get a new employee on board sooner.

Certemy is currently leading the market, and the biggest advantage that they provide is the real-time tracking of employees credentials, which can prove invaluable for high-risk perinatal nursing. Automated and verified credentials are a must as it adds an unprecedented level of trust to the workforce. As Certemy can provide primary source verification, all the right boxes are ticked so that the compliance process is efficient and reliable.

It is essential for an employer to have the assurance that their workforce are correctly qualified to undertake the specific job role that they are required to perform. Through Certemy, employers have the piece of mind that their employees are up-to-date with their qualifications. This is especially important within the high-risk perinatal nursing sector, where situations can change rapidly and decisions need to be made fast.

Having the right qualifications are vital for any medical field, and Certemy offers employers a complete solution for streamlined license verification ? so that they can have access to the correct credentials in the most efficient and secure way possible.


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