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When ensuring a high-level of compliance within any business, it is essential to have an effective and reliable system in place to verify and track the licenses, certifications, and credentials of all staffers. As achieving and sustaining compliance requires the collection and review of many documents from a variety of sources, manual verification and tracking is not only highly inefficient and time-consuming but can also lead to errors. Automated license verification and tracking, however, provides organizations with an efficient and accurate alternative that can ensure compliance, manage risk, and boost overall staff utilization and productivity.

Compliance and Proper Licensing

Businesses of all sizes run the risk of non-compliance without an efficient system to verify the professional licenses and credentials of the staff. Non-compliance resulting from improperly licensed professionals can incur expensive fines and even more costly reputational damage. As the primary source of verification of a professional?s qualifications, the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) requires medical personnel to be current on their certifications and licenses – something that automated license verification and tracking can verify.

The Efficiency of Automated License Verification Systems

Certemys automated license verification system takes a complex and resource-intensive process and streamlines it to install a reliable system for organizations to ensure their compliance and operational efficiency. This automated system can efficiently connect to sources such as the NPDB as well as recognize their verification certificate format. Such an automated system can also track license expirations, renewals, and revocation.

In addition to being far more efficient than manual tracking systems, automated license verification and tracking also helps to mitigate risk. This is due to the system?s extensive use of primary source verification to confirm that credentials are valid, up-to-date, and free from any disciplinary actions.

Saving Time and Improving Visibility

Through its automated collection, verification, and tracking of licenses and certifications, Certemys license verification system provides businesses with far better visibility into the qualifications of their employees, significantly reducing the time invested in managing compliance. In addition to providing states-of-the-art automated verifications, real-time tracking of all licenses and credentials is integrated into the system to give businesses an easy-to-use and comprehensive view of all their employees qualifications.

Certemy also has workflows in place that can be configured to streamline the entire license application process, enabling businesses to save even more time and money by automating most of the process (except document submission). Having pre-built workflows for certain document submission and license application processes enhances the automation of the system.


Certemys automated license verification and tracking system is an efficient and effective way to ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and boost team productivity and visibility. The system?s ability to connect to primary source verification not only ensures proper licensing for all employees but provides businesses with a comprehensive view and tracking of employees credentials and qualifications in one system. With its real-time tracking and automation of document submission processes, Certemys license verification system is the perfect tool for businesses looking to achieve and maintain compliance and maximize efficiency.


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