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Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance in the HR department require astute and meticulous attention to detail. From keeping records of employee performance data to monitoring workers? licenses and certifications, ensuring lawful regulations are satisfactorily met is a daunting task for HR professionals. With automated license verification, companies can save time, resources, and greatly reduce the risk of legal action or fines stemming from compliance issues.

In the US, high-risk professions are regulated at the state level, and each state mandates how activities in such professions must be performed. These regulations require that workers in these fields possess up-to-date certifications and possess the licensure and experience necessary to do their job. Corporate HR teams become burdened with frequently verifying and renewing employee credentials and making certain all forms adhere to the laws of the state in which their business operates.

As such, companies must be able to effectively track employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record. They must also be able to make certain these licenses are valid, actively updated and not subject to any disciplinary action to avoid potential fines or penalties. Additionally, these business must keep records of license application processes. This is where automated license verification tools come in.

Certemy is a leading provider of automated primary source verification systems that enable employers to validate licenses and certifications across their workforce. Certemys verification system helps employers ensure that their employees are complying with applicable laws and that their professional credentials are valid and up-to-date. The certifications and licensures are verified across all states they operate in to ensure compliance with regulations in those states.

Certemys platform allows for the tracking of employee credentials and automated license applications. HR teams and compliance officers can easily monitor employee licensure and ensure they remain compliant with state laws. Pre-built workflows are available and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. By streamlining this important process, Certemys automated license verification tool helps companies save time and resources that were previously devoted to manually verifying credentials.

In addition to automating the tracking of employee credentials, the Certemy platform also provides comprehensive metrics that allow employers to easily measure license and credential compliance across the organization. This data pertaining to the current license landscape can be used to make more informed decisions that help make the overall business more efficient and reduce the risk of any non-compliance-related issues.

Overall, with access to an automated license verification tool, companies can decrease their operational expenses, save time and greatly reduce the risk of costly penalties and fines due to compliance issues. By investing in an automated tool, HR professionals can identify changes in regulations more quickly, monitor license and certification expiration dates and prevent any potential legal action resulting from non-compliance.


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