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Todays occupational license compliance requirements pose a challenge for any nurse manager. Keeping up with the primary source verifications needed to maintain your entire staff occupational licenses can be time consuming and complicate daily operations. As a nurse manager, you can leverage Automated License Verification (AVL) to easily verify and manage your staff license records.

What is Automated License Verification?

Automated License Verification (AVL) is a cloud-based tool that regularizes and automates the occupational license verification process. It helps your HR department quickly program license reviews based on criteria like role, certifications, expiration dates, and primary source verifications. It also helps to reduce your compliance risks while minimizing manual review times associated with the license review process. By reducing manual review times, you can free up more time for important operational duties.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

AVL simplifies and streamlines license monitoring and reporting, saving you time and money. With automated license tracking, you can ensure that all of your staff members are on track with their credentials. This eliminates manual tracking and verifications and reduces the number of license compliance failures. Additionally, with automated license tracking, you can be notified of any changes or discrepancies that could affect the credibility of your licensees.

AVL also helps to ensure that your staff are compliant with applicable regulatory requirements. This ensures that your team are always up to date on all requirements and can comply with any new requirements quickly and without any disruption. AVL also helps you to stay organized by tracking the licenses and certifications of all members of your staff.

AVL increases the accuracy of license and certification reviews, guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduces delays associated with non-compliance. It also simplifies and centralizes the licensing requirements of all your staff, providing you with better visibility into the status of each certification.

How Does It Work?

AVL makes the management and verification of occupational licenses easier by automating the process. The software uses a combination of rules-based searches and document matching technology to compare license and certification databases. This helps reduce the risk of fraudulent applications and ensures that all applicants are up to date on their credentials. Additionally, the software uses a primary source verification request system that sends out automated requests for licensing information upon user-defined events, such as employee renewals or new hires.

Once the requests are sent out, the AVL software collates the responses and stores them in a database. The system then alerts you to any changes or discrepancies that may arise. This helps you keep an eye on the credentials of your staff and make sure that no false information is submitted.

AVL also helps you quickly remedy any discrepancies in the license and certification reviews by pre-populating forms for re-verification. This helps speed up the process and ensures that your staff are always up to date on their licenses and certifications.

Closing considerations

Automated License Verification is a powerful and time-saving tool for any nurse manager. By streamlining the process of managing and verifying occupational licenses, AVL helps ensure that your staff are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements. With automated tracking and real-time notifications, you can be confident that your license compliance program operates at optimal efficiency.


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