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The healthcare sector is highly regulated and the need for licensed medical professionals is immense. Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) are faced with the daunting task of ensuring all nursing staff have the proper credentials to maintain their employment. With a License Verification tool, CNOs can easily keep track of nurses? medical certifications and other requirements for job duties.

The necessity for License Verification is because healthcare associations, agencies, and regulatory boards often have their own requirements for the qualifications of nurses. CNOs must stay up to date on the latest regulations so they can identify the most important qualifications for their nursing staff.

Certemy is the leading License Verification tool for CNOs, providing an automated primary source verification system that confirms an employees credentials are up to date, renewed, and void of any associated disciplinary actions. By leveraging Certemys platform, CNOs gain complete control and visibility of their compliance program, yielding more efficient resource utilization.

Certemys software works by tracking employee licenses in real-time as well as boasting pre-built workflows which are fully configurable to automate the license application process. Ensuring staff has the right paperwork in place before letting any hire commence with their duties offers a quicker onboarding process as well as greater flexibility in the workforce.

Meanwhile, Certemy allows CNOs to offload much of the administrative processes surrounding license management. By automating certain processes and initiating tracking when licenses are acquired, CNOs can free up valuable resources to devote towards other department tasks.

Saving time, effort, and resources, Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US-based employers for their license management needs. The platform provides users with greater insight and control disproportionate to traditional methods for verifying qualifications.

When seeking reliable license verification services, CNOs should look no further than Certemy. The platform offers efficient data tracking, flexible automation, and improved staff utilization, giving CNOs the best tools to ensure they are compliant with licensing regulations.


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