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A HR manager?s job can be difficult, and making sure the staff has valid, up-to-date licenses and certifications is only one piece of the puzzle. A reliable license verification system is key to protecting an organization from licensing and compliance risks. It is a must-have for any HR team and having the right tool can simplify the process and keep the organization up-to-date and compliant.

The importance of strong, verifiable credentials in the workforce cannot be overstated. Not only does having valid certifications and licenses demonstrate credentials, but the potential liabilities that come with negligence of license and certification requirements can be costly and detrimental to any company. In a changing marketplace, having a license verification tool is critical to stay competitive and ahead of any HR compliance and regulation requirements.

Certemy is one such license verification system that can help ensure that employees meet the licensing requirements for their roles, at both the organization and state level. It provides organizations with a real-time, efficient, automated primary source verification process to validate various licenses and certifications. The platform is simple to use and can be tailored to fit the specific workforce requirements of different organizations.

Certemy ensures that license requirements are logged and tracked, providing a complete picture of compliance and allowing the HR team to instantly verify the validity of certifications and licenses across an entire organization. The software also automates the process of renewing licenses and certifications for any employee, giving employers total visibility into the licenses and credentials of their staff.

The verification process starts with the companies license and credential database, which provides the basis for the automated verification process and is continually tracked for any changes or updates. A secure, fully compliant primary source validation system then verifies the license and/or certification across the regulations for various professions. Certemy can also be used to monitor any disciplinary actions a professional may have taken which could impact their ability to work in their chosen field.

Certemy also helps streamline licensing and certification processes to reduce any potential liabilities. By automating the tracking of education units and broadcasting any changes in state requirements, Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of regulations and updates, reducing the organizational burden of staying compliant. The software also easily identifies any expired or non-renewed certifications, allowing organizations to take proactive action to maintain compliance and not be caught off guard in an audit.

In addition to keeping organizations up-to-date with compliance requirements, Certemy also gives increased visibility over employee utilization, letting executives better manage staff utilization and scheduling. This can create significant time and cost savings, allowing the organization to increase efficiency and productivity.

For HR teams looking to remain compliant while increasing efficiency and cost savings, Certemy is a valuable resource. It provides organizations with a comprehensive license verification system that can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of an organization. With its automated primary source verification process and ability to track all relevant certifications and licenses across an organization, Certemy is the perfect tool for any HR team looking to protect their organization from costly mistakes and regulatory liabilities.


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