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When it comes to human resource management, maintaining a comprehensive overview of employees? licensure and qualifications is essential ? and arduous. Each certified professional needs to stay current on their continuing education, obtain licenses, renew certifications, etc. All this adds up to a lot of paperwork and manual monitoring.

Compliance leads have been spending valuable time manually keeping up with thousands of employee credentials when it comes to their credentials and licenses. It continues to be a critical but time-consuming process that can be improved upon. With the mission of streamlining human resources compliance and mitigating risk, automating processes and leveraging technology is the way to go.

Enter license verification tools. The full benefits of such online solutions warrant investigating to free up time and resources, while fully understanding the full value of these license verification tools.

What is a License Verification Tool?

License verification tools are web-based platforms that provide insight into professional staff licensing information by validating against the state database. With a comprehensive view of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, compliance leads may remain ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

When archiving these all-important credentials,ultimate accuracy is key. Automated primary source verification removes the possibility of errors or mistakes. It tracks the license while it is active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This prevents the risk of fines or negligence lawsuits against the company.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

License verification tools offer a variety of advantages over manual methods that depend on administrators and paper-based management.

Real-time Tracking

Platforms such as Certemy provide real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. Businesses are kept constantly up-to-date with each employees career milestones.

Improved Productivity and Visibility

The online tracking provides a single source for employee particulars and evidence that they are up to date with their certification and licensure requirements. HR departments may use the software to ensure they are compliant with regulation requirements.

Automation of the License Application Process

Certemys software includes pre-built workflows. This ensures re-certification is only necessary when approval is expiring, saving hours of admin time.

Elimination of Human Error

By relying on automated background information, the risk of human error is greatly reduced. By alerting administrators and holding them accountable to keep track of expiration dates for licenses and credentials, it does away with slippage and mistakes in manually recording and updating employee details.

Key point

When human resource operations depend on accuracy and efficiency, license verification tools are the foundations of compliance and accuracy. Platforms such as Certemy allow resources to be used in the most effective and optimal manner, reducing errors and ensuring HR departments are compliant. Automated primary source verification creates up-to-date records for knowledgable and confident decision-making and budgeting.


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