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Nurse Managers and Leaders play a critical role in ensuring nurses and other healthcare staff are earning and keeping their professional certifications and licenses. This is no easy task in Todays world of continued shifts and adjustments to state and federal regulations, burgeoning healthcare technology, and the influx of new policies and standards of care. The good news is that an automated license Verification process can make it easy for Nurse Managers and Leaders to stay compliant and save valuable time in the process.

By leveraging the power of an automated license verification system, Nurse Managers and Leaders benefit from having real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. Additionally, they will have better visibility and control of their Compliance programs with automatic license tracking and primary source verification.

Readiness Assessments

An automated verification system can help Nurse Managers and Leaders conduct an initial evaluation of employee licenses and certifications to ensure that each position is held by appropriately qualified individuals. It is important for Nurse Managers to review all credentials to ensure that operators are adequately certified in a particular procedure or medical category. Compliance readiness assessments ensure that your staff qualifications are accurate and up-to-date throughout the entire organization.

Application Workflows

Although each state may require different steps for properly compiling and verifying credentialing information, an automated license verification system can streamline the process by expediting the procedure. Leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes will save managers and leaders time and effort.

Monitoring & Expiration Date Alerts

Monitoring employee credentials require Nurse Managers and Leaders to be vigilant in their documentation and keeping track of expiration dates. This is important because certifications often have a three-year renewal cycle with clearly noted expiration dates. An automated license verification system can help manage this process and allow managers to see a clear and organized view of their staff?s certifications. Furthermore, the system can also send out alerts about expiring licenses for staff to renew in a timely fashion.

Concluding remarks

An automated license verification system is critical for Nurse Managers and Leaders as it facilitates the process of ensuring staff compliance with state and federal regulations, established policies, and standards of care. By utilizing this system, organizations can mitigate risk, improve staff utilization and save time, all while staying ahead of regulatory compliance.


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