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To ensure Compliance of occupational regulations and avoid liabilities, proper license Verification is essential for any business. As a Human Resources (HR) Operator, It is important to be on top of tracking and managing licenses and certifications. Multiple licenses need to be renewed at different points in time, so the workload can become quite bulky and tedious. This is where License Verification comes in. With automated primary source verification, you can track and manage licenses with ease, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks and optimize staff utilization.

Verifying Professional Licenses

Professional licenses are issued to individuals who have completed college-level courses such as a Bachelor of Professional Studies with a concentration in Nursing. License verification ensures that your employees and those of your contractors, vendors and suppliers are appropriately qualified as required by regulations and can perform the roles they are assigned. It offers an additional layer of protection and accountability for your business.

An automated primary source verification system can be used to validate licenses and certifications of those working for you. Primary source verification involves verifying the data records of the source of the information. The primary source can be a government entity, professional association or any other organization that is qualified to provide the information. This process eliminates any potential errors caused by manual data entry and ensures that the data is current and accurate.

Improved Visibility and Control

Using an automated license tracking system gives you complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Worrying about deadlines and renewals is eliminated as the tracking and notifications are automated. By running reports, It is easy to check which employees have current licenses and which licenses are due to expire, enabling you to send out notifications in advance and proactively ensure compliance.

With a system of record for employee licenses, you will be able to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. Pre-built workflows can be used to automate the license application process and seamlessly manage from application to approval.


Having a system in place to validate professional licenses is essential for any business. Licensing must remain current and in many professional fields, milestones such as continuing education units must be attained for the license to remain valid. Automating the process of license verification ensures that HR operators can validate professionals with ease making It isimpler to ensure proper compliance with regulations.


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