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The National Council Licensure Examination Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) and other certified professional licenses are essential to the safety of patients and the quality of the healthcare sector. To ensure that the professionals providing services meet these standards, organizations must undergo extensive license verification to maintain their compliance standards. Organizations must track and manage licenses and certifications as they hire new professionals and do so with primary source verification to guarantee their accuracy.

By leveraging automated license tracking and primary source verification systems, compliance leads can quickly and accurately keep track of employee licenses and certifications. This helps to ensure that a workforce remains compliant to safety regulations and can limit financial damages resulting from personnel compliance issues.

Improve Team Productivity

Organizations who use manual means of license tracking, such as paper records or an unshared spreadsheet, are more prone to critical errors being made that can result in significant legal problems and other costly consequences. Automated license tracking and primary source verification systems allow employees to access and update information in real time, meaning that licenses and certifications never go unkept or miss renewals that can affect the organizations compliance standards.

Not only does automated license tracking prevent unkept records, but it can also benefit an organization from a financial standpoint. Doing manual license tracking of certification and licenses can be a time consuming process. Automated license tracking technology allows compliance leads to spend less time and resources tracking license and certifications, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of the job, such as tracking financial data or ensuring that all employees are up to date with their training.

Primary Source Verification

If an organization doesn?t have the most up to date information on their employees licenses and certifications, they can be subject to significant fines and disciplinary action. Primary source verification is the most reliable way to ensure accuracy of primary information. It electronically confirms the authenticity of licenses and certifications to guarantee that an organization remains compliant.

Organizations looking to leverage an automated primary source verification system should look for one that meets their organizationspecific needs while also taking into account the regulations and compliance requirements they need to meet.

Primary source verification systems do not necessarily act as a replacement for manual license and certification tracking, but rather are a complement to it. Traditional methods are still used to evaluate the accuracy of the information, but primary source verification helps with verification times and accuracy of the information.

Configurable Workflows

In addition to the accuracy of primary source verification systems, organizations should also look for systems that can be customized to their individual workflows. Instead of manually updating employees license and certifications in the system, automated workflows should be leveraged to streamline the process. This will help organizations save time and resources while also increasing the accuracy of data and keeping the process consistent.

To conclude

Organizations can improve their employee license verification process by leveraging automated license tracking and primary source verification systems. These systems streamline license tracking to help organizations prevent errors, reduce administrative costs, and increase accuracy of data. Organizations can also use configurable workflows to automate the license application process to save time and resources while also guaranteeing accuracy of information. By using an automated license tracking and primary source verification system, organizations can accurately track and manage employee licenses and certifications and stay ahead of regulatory compliance.


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