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When hiring a Certified Breast Care Nurse (CBCN), It is important for organizations to ensure they?re getting the best, most qualified candidates for the position. It is essential for a medical facility to check the credentials of each applicant; a CBCN needs to have undergone extensive professional training and licensure to legitimately be allowed to practice. Having a comprehensive license and credentialing Verification system in place can provide the peace of mind current and potential employers require of CBCNs.

The majority of licensing and credentialing organizations require hours of continuing education and a certification exam. To ensure a CBCN is capable of providing the highest-level of patient care, an employer should be able to verify a candidate?s licenses and credentials with an automated primary source verification system.

Certemy offers a complete license verification system that allows organizations to quickly, accurately, and securely verify the credentials of the CBCNs they are considering to hire. It offers real-time tracking of CBCN licenses and credentials in one system of record, and leverages pre-built workflows that are both customizable and automate the license application process.

Benefits of Using a License Verification Platform for CBCNs

Certemy provides a range of benefits to HR operations for verifying the licensure and certifications of CBCNs, which include:

Increased Security and Compliance: By utilizing primary source verification, employers can be sure that they?re hiring candidates with the correct licenses and credentials, reducing organizational risk.

Reduced Manual Verification: A comprehensive license verification platform eliminates the need for employers to manually review each CBCN?s license and credentials, saving them time.

Enhanced Quality of Care: By utilizing a license verification platform to hire the right CBCN, the quality of patient care provided by a medical facility can be increased.

Improved Staff Utilization: Identification and tracking of CBCN licenses, and verifying their validity quickly, enables organizations to make better use of the medical staff they have available.

Greater Visibility and Control: By tracking CBCN licenses and certifications in one system of record, employers can gain better visibility and control over their workforce that is compliant with regulatory bodies.

How a Comprehensive License Verification Platform Can Help CBCN Hiring

Using a license verification platform is important for HR operations when it comes to hiring CBCNs because it takes the guesswork out of the equation for the employer and verifies that the candidate has all of the required credentials to practice. This ensures that organizations hire the right CBCN, and improves the quality of care a medical facility provides.

Certemy offers a comprehensive license verification system that enables employers to quickly and accurately verify the credentials of CBCNs. It automatically tracks and manages all license and certifications from a single system of record, making it easy to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

The automated primary source verification system provides employers with real-time tracking of CBCN licenses, certifications, and any other credentials, in one place. It also enables HR operations to streamline CBCN application processes, and offers improved visibility and control of a medical facility?s workforce compliance program.


To ensure a medical facility is hiring the best qualified CBCNs, It is important to have a comprehensive license verification system in place. Certemy automates the verification process, so employers can be sure they?re making the best hiring decisions that are compliant with Regulatory Bodies. It provides greater visibility and control of a medical facility?s workforce compliance program while helping to prevent potential errors and reduce time and costs.


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